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bearing his scars | k.th by x_linn_
bearing his scars | k.thby x_linn_
What do you do when the person who's supposed to be your soulmate hates you more than anyone else in the world? Thank you ROSIEKOOKK for the beautiful cover! soulmates a...
I'm The New BTS Manager || BTS FF by xxNineTailsxx
I'm The New BTS Manager || BTS FFby Riya
Your name is Lee Seo-yeon.You live in America with your older brother Lee Jong-hoon.You are a famous singer,actress and dancer.Your dad is the manager of BTS, but unfort...
•STEPBROTHER• by akixqiri
Obsessed love. A simple girl in her 20s attracts the attention of two dangerous people who fight to win her heart. Who would succeed? And who would die?
Pick A Side by manggojooz
Pick A Sideby manggojooz
Life is about picking sides. Love is about picking sides. When you choose not to pick a side, are you really not picking one?
Sex In The Elevator by LenayeondanEdits
Sex In The Elevatorby Lenayeondan
Y/n recently broke up with her boyfriend. 2 months have passed but her heart was still broken. He hurt her a lot and the girl is slowly starting to loose hopes for a new...
Forced Marriage To My Bully (ENDED) by taemybias
Forced Marriage To My Bully (ENDED)by taehyung
༊*·˚I'll make you mine...whatever I have to do..༊*·˚ ↬MIGHT BE 🔞 SOMETIMES ⚠️ ⚠️ READ AT YOUR OWN RISK↫ ➯Hey guys this is my first time writing so I hope you like it...
Prince Kim Taehyung ° Kth  by ABitOfATeaLover
Prince Kim Taehyung ° Kth by ABitOfATeaLover
He dropped to his knees and sat by the princesses side holding her hand."It had to be done kitten."Tears fell while his hand trailed along her cheek."I'm...
Forever | A One Shot | Kim Taehyung by hoebaring
Forever | A One Shot | Kim Taehyungby L.A.P.G
"Ahh. I wish we could stay like this forever.." Y/n sighs out, a warm smile gracing her face. "Mhmm" Taehyung agrees, thoughts wandering about, imag...
Bad Timing by manggojooz
Bad Timingby manggojooz
If it was never meant to be, the timing would always be bad, and you, would always end up running away.
fake it till you make it I k.th by x_linn_
fake it till you make it I k.thby x_linn_
"I guess I wasn't good enough for him." "I doubt that." "Why?" "There's no such thing as not being good enough for someone," he p...
Where We First Met (Taehyung X Reader) by latothezy
Where We First Met (Taehyung X Rea...by WHY U SAD IDKNM
I found myself standing on the place where we first met. Will we ever meet again? If I keep on coming back there, will I get a chance to see you there?
{The mess you got me into} by jungjayoo
{The mess you got me into}by jungjayoo
" look at the mess you got me into trying to save your ass!" I never asked for you to save me did I?"no but I did it because I love you." wait come b...
Like a dream {TAEHYUNG×Y/N}✔ by Taewaaaa
Like a dream {TAEHYUNG×Y/N}✔by Sallie :)
he was still cold as frost quake and you against him felt as warm pillow sheets, where he craves to burry his soul and find his warmth in frosty nights💫.
The Nightmare // kth by taerinn
The Nightmare // kthby ☆채린☆
In which, Cha Eunrin meet Kim Taehyung, her "hero" in the past. But everything wasn't as easy as she thought. °°°°°°°°°°° "I think we were meant to be, bu...
first and last love [kth] ✔️ by btsfanarmy95
first and last love [kth] ✔️by btsfanarmy95
Typical love story, several complications
Lucky Pearl (KTH) by dreamroller
Lucky Pearl (KTH)by Savi.J
KTH fanfiction. "She is my mate!!" "Yeah? She is a damn hunter" "I don't care, she is mine" What if alpha's mate turns out be a most danger...