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"I want you to take away my virginity, "y/n says. Y/n is a high school girl. Meanwhile, she has a crush on Mr. Kim Taehyung, who is a teacher in her school. On...
highschool crush (Complete) by Akansha_taeso
highschool crush (Complete)by Akansha Ambokar
its an romantic story without any problems or any doubt in relationship between kim tae hyung and kim so hyun . Its story abt how two childhood frds who has crush on eac...
{BTS JUNGKOOK} ~Nerd~ by OliviaKim624
{BTS JUNGKOOK} ~Nerd~by Olivia Kim
Kim Seolhyun is a nerd at school, but the truth is that is just a disguise. Seolhyun is a huge mega kpop idol in the most famous successful girl group, TIARA, in reality...
{BTS JUNGKOOK FF} True Love by OliviaJeon16
{BTS JUNGKOOK FF} True Loveby Olivia Jeon
FULL NAME: Kim Seolhyun ADOPTED NAME: Lee Saru You were adopted at age 9. You would be happy but your adopted family abuses you a lot. You guys are poor. You really want...
Black and White || BTS Fanfic || by Madeline_0391
Black and White || BTS Fanfic ||by h
"i love you y/n!" they all said