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My Fake Boyfriend by Flyingdutchess96
My Fake Boyfriendby FD
To win back Hina's heart, Takemichi teams up with Mikey to form a fake relationship to win her back. What happens when their relationship isn't just an act anymore? Art...
A bet ... by No_SimpsHere
A bet ...by Not_a_Tr_fan
Everyone was happy , everything was perfectly fine , until she came . Will a little bet change everything in their happy life ? ⚠ Everyone is alive except shinishiro it...
The Change of a life time ( Bungo Stray Dog x Tokyo Revenger) by No_SimpsHere
The Change of a life time ( Bungo...by Not_a_Tr_fan
Takemichi as Dazai What if, after chapter 275 ,when takemichi got killed he is sent back at the age of 7 ? What if instead of attempting to rescue his dear old friend, h...
The love off another  by JustineHawes
The love off another by JustineHawes
Fem Takemichi x Izana Takemichi, well what's to say about her, she's a young girl maybe 17 years old with long beautiful ash black hair, pale skin and Ocean blue eyes. (...
Out Of Time--Tokyo Revengers. by fluffyf1sh
Out Of Time--Tokyo Revengers.by Nox
He Didn't expect this to happen He didn't want this to happen What's wrong with them..? Why won't they leave him alone?...
Tokyo Revengers Memes by leaphaty
Tokyo Revengers Memesby <3
What are you looking at? This is your therapy :) There might be manga spoiler bestie <3 •don't forget to vote ❤️
Secrets Revealed by Angiewritesstories22
Secrets Revealedby Angiewritesstories22
The characters of Tokyo Revengers get teleported to a room to watch some kids future? Who the hell is this Takemichi kid and why are they being forced to watch him? Sec...
Takemichi's Sacrifice  by Rylai_Balmes
Takemichi's Sacrifice by Ziraili_Rylai
Takes place before Tenjiku arc All x takemichi English is not my first language so expect grammar errors Manga spoilers
I'M THE MAIN CHARACTERby Hinata shouyo
Zen is a feared delinquent in the real world. He is known as merciless against his enemies and a cold-hearted person. What would happen to him if he got reincarnated in...
CRY BABY ? by AayushPandit
CRY BABY ?by empty
what if takemichi and izana are brothers ?
My Second Chance At Life || Tokyo Revengers by lills321
My Second Chance At Life || Tokyo...by lills321
Suzuki Aoi wakes up from an accident and suddenly regains memories of her past life. Being a prodigy, her previous life was full of misery, the complete opposite of her...
Badass Babysitter by bigsislyssa
Badass Babysitterby bigsislyssa
So in this au takemichi is a friend of shinichiro and a member of the black dragons one day before a meeting they saw shinichiro walking in the office crying anime tears...
"Repeat" by guessxoxo
"Repeat"by idk
Hanagaki Takemichi is given a chance to save the people who died but there are some consequences, can he survive it?
Takemichi San! Why are you always so listless? (Hold) by Deyseemerollin31
Takemichi San! Why are you always...by Deyseemerollin31
Takemichi was the worlds laziest person, like he couldn't even write well, he had his friends do everything for him, even bring him to school and bring him from class to...
Into Tokyo revengers by cheesywolfycreamXD
Into Tokyo revengersby cheesywolfycreamXD
(Y/N): So, I am confusion. How da fuck did I get here? An alternate universe where instead it's spiderwoman, a.k.a. (y/n), who got transported into another dimension Alt...
Their Obsession by Moon_chan10
Their Obsessionby hihey10
Y/N a beautiful girl loved by everyone. She was a type of girl who can make other people smile just by looking at them. She was talented, smart, kind, strong and she was...
Toman watching Tokyo Revengers by Nightsky707
Toman watching Tokyo Revengersby Nightsky
Literally what the title says because I want them to know how much he is going through for their sake. Also: My first language isn't english so please do not expect much...
Finding Him - (DISCONTINUED) by justwhatevs69
Finding Him - (DISCONTINUED)by justwhatevs69
26 year old Takemichi finds himself on the streets on the verge of homelessness. He's lost his job and can't pay his rent or even food for himself. He ends up accidental...
Twist Of Fate by _AnotherCheshire_
Twist Of Fateby Cheshire
(Tokyo Revengers x F!Reader x KNY) A normal weeb from Generation Z suddenly gets Isekai'd into her favorite anime, but what if she's not just in one anime but two. Two...
Wait, I'm The Twin Sister Of Sano Shinichiro?! by MizaLol
Wait, I'm The Twin Sister Of Sano...by MizaLoveTokyoRevenger
When her consciouness came back only to facing the big fat baby face '??!!!!' Well, it's really real baby who's sleeping beside her peacefully 'Where did this toddler co...