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TF2 x Reader: When Two Worlds Meet by KirbyPuff88
TF2 x Reader: When Two Worlds Meetby Kirby the Star Warrior
You are a young lady who recently graduated from college. Your best friend gives you her old pc as a graduation gift that has your favorite video game, Team Fortress 2...
Y/N and the Horny that Killed Her by lilhomunculus
Y/N and the Horny that Killed Herby lil sharty💖
Y/N, the trans-dimensional parasite, cannot decide which merc she's thirstiest for (as perfect as she is) and finds herself caught in a web of dirty affairs. This is how...
TF2 X Reader by PeasyCheese22
TF2 X Readerby PeasyCheese22
You've lived with the mercenaries for 5 years now. Everything seems normal. Until one day, everyone was acting weird. What was it? What's with this "Secret" do...
TF2 x Reader (SFW) HCs + Oneshots by CuteGhostWriter
TF2 x Reader (SFW) HCs + Oneshotsby Cute Ghost Writer
I take requests and I also take commissions. If you are interested check out my Tumblr by the same name. If you have questions or a request be sure to DM me. There are N...
Tf2 one shots😻 by ghostz0n3
Tf2 one shots😻by Ghost
U know what this means
Yandere! Red Medic x Reader (test story) by aeshiteirumaisaiki
Yandere! Red Medic x Reader ( Aeshiteiru
I made this up as I went along and it was really just for practice writing but I had a friend suggest i put it up as a test story so here you go. Hope you all enjoy! To...
Little RED Mercenary (A TF2 x Reader Fanfic) by WritingIsNotForMe
Little RED Mercenary (A TF2 x Oksigen
RED Medic x RED Reader x BLU Spy Story similar to the Little Red Riding Hood TF2 characters belong to Valve You belong to you
TF2 (Reader X Scout): Expect the Unexpected by riddle_of_the_sphinx
TF2 (Reader X Scout): Expect the riddle_of_the_sphinx
Team Fortress 2 is just a game. Nothing in the game is real, right? Well, as it turns out the Team Fortress 2 world is very real. Thanks to a certain wizard who hates th...
(TF2) Medic × Reader (Oneshots) { Requests - CLOSED } by RedSpyOnBase
(TF2) Medic × Reader (Oneshots) { i am crabby
Everyone likes a crazied, funny, German doctor who is involved in a doctor assisted homicide in their life, right? Or is it just me? (Wait wha-) • This oneshot book incl...
Tf2 X Reader by infiniti254
Tf2 X Readerby infiniti254
This is smut/lemon free tf2 x reader stories :)
TF2 × Reader (Oneshots) { Requests - CLOSED } by RedSpyOnBase
TF2 × Reader (Oneshots) { i am crabby
The list of characters i can write: Spy (Laurent - not his offical name) Medic (Joseph - not his offical name) Engineer (Dell) Sniper (Mundy) Scout (Jeremy) Soldier (...
SniperXReader by MelodyBHoward
SniperXReaderby Melody Howard
Reader goes to check on her friend from art collage who's gotten a hit placed on them... and ends up working with him. #1 in tf2 on 1/11/2020
[Requests Closed] TF2 x Reader Oneshots by WritingIsNotForMe
[Requests Closed] TF2 x Reader Oksigen
Some a requested, Some are not. Some can make your heart flutter, Some can break it. Some make sense, Some are random.
Soulmate Au Tf2 x Reader by cherub-child
Soulmate Au Tf2 x Readerby 𖤐₆⁶₆𖤐
a group of oneshots that use the soulmate au. I don't own TF2 but the writing in this is mine. THIS HASNT BEEN WORKED ON IN YEARS. MAYBE COME BACK AT SOMETIME WHO KNOWS
TF2 x Reader One-Shots. [SLOW UPDATE] by aMEIzeengbee
TF2 x Reader One-Shots. [SLOW aMEIzeengbee
To My Dear Fellow Girl Gamers, My First story Involving My Favourite game. this was actually begged to be released by my Annoying Steam Friends, TheSkrubLady56,Basically...
Yandere! TF2 x Reader One shots (DISCONTINUED) by aeshiteirumaisaiki
Yandere! TF2 x Reader One shots ( Aeshiteiru
So i'd seen a ton of TF2 x reader one shot fanfiction compilations and I figured "Why not do one myself?". But instead of just your run of the mill TF2 x reade...
TF2 x Teen! Reader by EthalQueen
TF2 x Teen! Readerby dondon
kind of self projecting myself on fictional characters whom i wish could hug me and tell me it's going to be okay. (any art i use is not mine unless i say so) (ALSO you...
The Lands (Medic x Reader) by Medic_Simp
The Lands (Medic x Reader)by Lilith
Hi! This was originally a fanfiction request from my old account and I decided to make a book out of it. Updates will be slow because school is a bitch so yeah.
The Woman in Red (Spy x reader) by xxIamtiebrousxx
The Woman in Red (Spy x reader)by xxIamtiebrousxx
It was one night that he saw her. Her beauty he could not get out of his mind. If only he knew her name. Spy from the RED team was not one to fall in love. But one night...
RED!Sniper X Maid!Reader (!!ON HOLD!!) by IMMASMOLB3AN
RED!Sniper X Maid!Reader (!!ON 🍽McNuggies🍽
so,the cover picture ain't mine,the only thing that's mine is the story itself. I was bored,this was an idea and inspiration from a friend. Enjoy! Credits to whoever mad...