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The Boy Who Lost His Sight by Bellaaa_
The Boy Who Lost His Sightby Bella Zamri
[SAMPLE ONLY. PUBLISHED IN OCTOBER 2016] - LINK TO PURCHASE E-BOOK ON MY MESSAGE BOARD! "Why are you being nice to me? I'm a freak, I'm blind," Riley had once...
Eventually by seopresso
Eventuallyby —
1.1 | When a boy with a troubled past and a girl with no future meet, as per the wishes of the stars, a lot can happen. It just might have her, giving him a reason to sm...
The Fault In Our Stars Sequel by stilinskihudson
The Fault In Our Stars Sequelby stilinskihudson
Twenty days since Augustus Waters, the lanky, blue eyed boy with the crooked smile and a fear of oblivion limped across this earth. Twenty days since I've been called Ha...
The Star in Our Faults by thefandomsreturned
The Star in Our Faultsby thefandomsreturned
When Hazel's beloved boyfriend (Augustus Waters) dies, she thinks life as she knows it is over. But when she goes to the hospital and discovers that she is pregnant, it...
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Wingless and Beautiful by TheFaultInOurStars
Wingless and Beautifulby TheFaultInOurStars
Allisson Harely felt like she snapped right of a thriller novel. The sixteen year old beauty was far from perfect. She was a victim of domestic violence that made her...
One Last Look || Percabeth AU by PercyJackson81893
One Last Look || Percabeth AUby Syd
In which Annabeth and Percy are best friends, then lovers, and back to being strangers, then lovers again, then they die. The end. [I'm editing this bc grammar sucks]
Chocolate Emergency by Enterintomymind
Chocolate Emergencyby Tallara
❝Devlin was Alice's home. As long as he was around, she would never feel homeless❞ A chocolate emergency, where Alice had fainted from low sugar, had first broug...
Every Little Thing by didions
Every Little Thingby s
Evelyn Moore has been struggling with unrequited love for nearly two years. Reed Bishop has no idea. When the once-unreachable boy becomes her French partner and an even...
The Fault in Our Stars: How It Should Have Ended by karalovesr5
The Fault in Our Stars: How It A Big Ol' Nerd
The fan-made ending of The Fault In Our Stars. Here to fix your heart, and maybe break it again. After Augustus beats cancer, how will Hazel and Augustus continue on wi...
RED(An Alec Volturi Love Story.) by 1DHG12
RED(An Alec Volturi Love Story.)by Angel
Angel never knew one trip to Volterra, Italy would change her life. Forever. Forced to leave her home and her love, she realizes being taken in by the Volturi is her des...
Wingless and Beautiful by jerileekaye
Wingless and Beautifulby Jerilee Kaye
Allisson Harley felt like she snapped right of a thriller novel. The sixteen year old beauty was far from perfect. She was a victim of domestic violence that made her...
Outcast ( a Zukka Fanfiction) by hashtagidgaf
Outcast ( a Zukka Fanfiction)by hashtagidgaf
Sokka was a shy boy that moved to the fire village. Since he was of the water tribe he was bullied. Zuko is a school badass. He disobeys and gets what he wants cause he...
If We Were a Movie [Thalico Fanfic] by TheWriterWannabee
If We Were a Movie [Thalico Fanfic]by trichinella
What if Nico fell in love with Thalia? And what if Thalia felt the same way too? Would they go against the odds? Or will they have their love story remain 'What if?'
Ditch The Suspenders by volleyqueen2222
Ditch The Suspendersby volleyqueen2222
Anais Ross isn't known as the popular girl at school. What the heck, she isn't even considered a normal girl. She is a nerd, with braces, glasses, and don't forget the s...
Hide Within Yourself / Ansel Elgort a.u. by certifiedfangirl_
Hide Within Yourself / Ansel Alexi Reed
“I’m sick of my parents thinking I’m hopeless.” His voice shook. “I was a good kid, but then I changed. They’ve given up hope in me and...I didn’t want them to.” I rolle...
Looking for Alaska by Flooo07
Looking for Alaskaby Flooo07
just some quotes I can't seem to erase off my mind. I loved Looking for Alaska and I hope you love the quotes as much as I do. Kinda a sequel to my Paper Towns quote bo...
ONLY The Fandom Stuff by DaughterAthena
ONLY The Fandom Stuffby Genna
WELCOME TO SHIPLANTIS! PLEASE SHUT THE LID OF THE TRASH CAN BEHIND YOU AND BEWARE OF THE FEELS, those horrible creatures!! Before reading, be sure to agree with the foll...
The Fault in Our Shooting Stars by BekkaChaos
The Fault in Our Shooting Starsby Rebekah
Gallavich AU - The Fault in Our Stars Ian Gallagher is your average sarcastic teenager, well, plus a set of lungs that don't work and a body that had once been savaged b...
FUNNY JOKES by ItsOkayNow03
FUNNY JOKESby ItsOkayNow03
THIS IS A MUST READ, PEOPLE! JOKES, JOKES, AND MORE JOKES! What more could you want? Don't answer that question...
Candor or Dauntless by TwEllie
Candor or Dauntlessby @prettypatheticplatypus/Insta...
When the Divergent group meet up for Uriah and Zeke's 'Candor or Dauntless' party, things get spiced up. With twists and turns, relationships and hatred, this game chang...