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Time Enough for Love [On-going] by prettivyxx
Time Enough for Love [On-going]by Ivy Ramos
A sixteen year old Rayne Luna loses her mom due to an earthquake overseas her secluded world crumbles. Agreeing to spend the summer in Laguna. While staying, Rayne disco...
The Innocent and Her Devil by TheGurlWhoWrites
The Innocent and Her Devilby 美しくあれ 💗💜💙
A perfect life according to Adela, is by living the simple life of a commoner. That includes having the family she calls "home", the education she needs, the f...
His Madness Is My Happiness [COMPLETED] by heylilyyyy
His Madness Is My Happiness [ Lily
"When you start to love someone, you will accept him even on his darkest side. " He got demons inside his head - can't control all those things. He got multipl...
Out of the Woods by Isodele
Out of the Woodsby P R I N C E S S D
"It's not only the woods, it's their home." Mysteries and forbidden things are included inside their home. You wouldn't understand a thing. But one thing's for...
Twist of Fate [Completed] by cereal_ligaya
Twist of Fate [Completed]by Mariyaaa💜
STILL EDITING| COMPLETED Living with the fullness of twist is not an ordinary experience. Expecting too much can hurt you. We used to think all the things that we are cr...
A Coffee Love Story by paperdeity
A Coffee Love Storyby ᴇᴜᴘʜɪᴇ
WINNING ENTRY (03.24.2020) 💜 Entry to RomancePH's Saint Valentine's Love & Loss (Team Sawi) 💜 🌸🌸🌸 A random meeting. A random post-it note. Feelings denied. Chances...
She Who Break Us Apart by Redviolet13
She Who Break Us Apartby Inamarie Saludares
She who break us apart and you let her do that Alex. ~Ellie Experience the lovestory or the heartbreak story of Ellie Marie Raegan.
LIGAYA by Sunshineeey
LIGAYAby Trishasha
[Warning: Grammatical and Typo Errors Ahead] Ligaya is not your ordinary girl. Maraming kaibigan, tropa at lalong lalo na sa lahat ay siga. Ni wala pang nakakapagpapatik...
Fourteen-Day Paradise (Completed) by Seroxymine
Fourteen-Day Paradise (Completed)by SEROXYMINE
Dear Zetia, Love is like a river. You'll see the starting line but never the finish line. It is like a waterfall. It'll gather all the water and spread it like wildfire...
Deities and Demons by earandil98
Deities and Demonsby earandil98
Raye has been feared, hated, and discriminated all her life because of an ability that people didn't understand. When her sister was caught in between the political turm...
Their Section's Downfall by AlveiBrican
Their Section's Downfallby AlveiBrican
Ang seksiyong CERES na nasa ika-sampung baitang ay binubuo ng apatnapu't anim na estudyante. Mga estudyanteng hindi pangkaraniwan na namamalagi sa isang klasrum na puno...
When It Rains by LeaLy1999
When It Rainsby Lea Ly
"There's always a rainbow after the rain." Katagang binitawan simula pagkabuhay hanggang sa kamatayan. ✨ACHIEVEMENT✨ RANK 1 (Short Story Category) The Calla L...