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Make you mine (Choi young do x reader) by Mustard_leaf66
Make you mine (Choi young do x Mustard_leaf66
You moved to Korea recently and joined a highly prestigious school. You have always wanted to study in Korea and your family had the resources. You meet a certain someon...
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐞𝐢𝐫 - Flynn Rider X Reader by doubletimewrite
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐞𝐢𝐫 - Flynn Rider X Double
You are the heir to your kingdom and sister of Rapunzel. Years after she goes missing and burdened by duty, you begin your search for a stolen crown. You didn't expect...
The REIGN : a Maxerica fanfiction by Youwontknowmyname9
The REIGN : a Maxerica fanfictionby Alix
⚠️READ THE SELECTION BOOKS BEFORE ! "Hello, my dear," he whispers. "Don't start," I warn in return, and we're both left smiling. He holds my hands as...
Lady Illea (Lady Illea #1) by LillyStoryTeller
Lady Illea (Lady Illea #1)by Lilly
Alessandra Maia Carswell is the newest competitor for the selection. Having been raised an only child by her father, Alessandra had a tough time growing up. She's a stro...
Peanut Butter Fingerprints by maxerica_lives
Peanut Butter Fingerprintsby Warrior Queen Amy
It's been five years since America Singer won the heart of Prince Maxon Schreave in the Selection. Now Queen of Illèa, America struggles with balancing her royal life an...
Truly Selected (Book One of The Next Selection Series) by Halebella
Truly Selected (Book One of The Hayley
~ 'Matthew slid closer to me so our bodies were pressed up against each other in a not to intimate way. "I hope I cross your mind every once in a while," Matth...
Truly Elected (Book Two of The Next Selection Series) by Halebella
Truly Elected (Book Two of The Hayley
Twenty-one years ago, America Singer internally battled out her feelings between royal Illéan heir Prince Maxon Schreave and palace guard Officer Aspen Leger. Now, Sol S...
If America Wasn't Selected: A Selection Fanfic by clairebecca
If America Wasn't Selected: A Claire
Think. All of Kiera Cass's Selection books are magical, beautiful, and so utterly and completely romantic. And all this magic, beauty, and romance relies on one teeny...
The Bride by _maefair
The Brideby _maefair
Iole Haidee Eudora was just like any other girl in the kingdom but due to some event, she was to be wedded to the second prince. But then, she learned that the second pr...
The Illean Lady (The Illean Fanfics #1) by LillyStoryTeller
The Illean Lady (The Illean Lilly
35 Contestants One Prince And A Girl That Could Really Care Less Meet Milada Lorenz. She's wild, fie...
The Confession by theselectionfan_
The Confessionby theselectionseriesfan
Have you ever wondered how Ahren and Eadlyn would take hearing about their parent's selection? This is what I think would happen..... (After The Crown, before the Extra...
The Happily Ever After by triplea1127
The Happily Ever Afterby triplea1127
Ever wonder what happens to Maxon and America after "The One"? Will their love survive the rebles, an unrequited love, sudden tragedies, and much more? This bo...
The Reign by VolleyLove1302
The Reignby DodgerLove1302
America Singer, Maxon Schreave. Eadlyn Schreave, Eikko Koskinen. All current members of the royal family. After Eadlyn and Eikko married, they had a son, Jacen, who was...
Kaden | ✓ by 4getmenever
Kaden | ✓by lou
This is the story of a boy, with the world at his feet and his sister in power, and how he fell, and fell hard. ♚
Maybe by loversnotes
Maybeby ʜᴀɴɴᴀʜ
Sequel to Ever After . . . A new Selection has started. Prince Nathan's to be exact. Marissa Singer (the daughter of America Singer) is in the palace competing for his h...
Ever After . . . by loversnotes
Ever After . . .by ʜᴀɴɴᴀʜ
Book 1 What if the rebel attack never happened at the end of the One. Maxon chose Kriss. America was left heartbroken. What happens then?
The selection: After the heir by Call_Me_Mrs_Schreave
The selection: After the heirby MaxonSchreave_please
I loved the heir and cried when it was over and then when I read the crown I was disappointed. Here's what I wished happened. (Hint it's a KEADLYN fanfic )
Maxerica Marriage by mydearmaxerica
Maxerica Marriageby mydearmaxerica
When America's marriage hits a bump, it's up to her to make a big decision that will leave Maxon shocked. -I am a huge Maxerica shipper, and this book will be focused on...
Selected by ashluvspups
Selectedby ashluvspups
Brooke Rose Everdeen never wanted to be selected. She didn't want to marry the oh so famous Jackson Schreave, son of King Maxon and Queen America. She doesn't think she'...
After the One: A Connected Selection Series by poundpaws
After the One: A Connected K
What happened to America and Maxon after America said "yes?" How did the teenage king and queen navigate a changing country lead by a new monarch? What goes on...