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Pregnant in the Games by emukid96
Pregnant in the Gamesby Hailey LaDonna
Willow is a pregnant girl from District 12. This is the 100th Hunger Games. This Quarter Quell shocker is that the Games will consecutively go on for three years. So whe...
Odds by LPElizabeth
Oddsby L.P. Elizabeth
A tribute. A victor. A lost soul. A girl with a target painted on her back. The Hunger Games had a way of making people grow up, taking their place as the contenders of...
'I will not follow the commands of a foolish old man who sits in his ivory tower all day with no regard for the lives of his people!' Quinn Larkin was ruthless. ...
The Hunger Games Imagines [Requests Closed] by DustyMoon
The Hunger Games Imagines [ Caitlin🐙
I'll write anything and do personal imagines and non personal imagines. Check the requests page for more details. :) DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the characters or any...
Stay • Everlark (REVAMPING) by anqelical
Stay • Everlark (REVAMPING)by anqelical
CURRENTLY REVAMPING EARLIER CHAPTERS COMPLETELY - UPDATES STILL ONGOING That what I need to survive is not Gale's fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of f...
The Daughter of the Sea by Cs2719682
The Daughter of the Seaby Cs2719682
・ 。゚☆: *.☽ ❝You can hide from what you can't see. But there is no running from the tr...
The Next Step Hunger Games by thenextstep774
The Next Step Hunger Gamesby G R A C E
Welcome to the 86th annual Hunger Games. One girl and one boy are chosen from each district. Except the characters are from The Next Step. Who will win? Will there be st...
Far from happily ever after (sequel to Hopeless love) by JosephineMichelleC
Far from happily ever after ( Josephine
Katniss and Peeta Mellark is now parents to two beautiful baby girls, Riley and Rebecca. But what happens when Peeta gets a call back overseas and has to leave his girls...
dandelions || after mockingjay by wtfemma
dandelions || after mockingjayby was @pizzamxllark
'what i need is a dandelion in the spring...' - katniss returns from district 13 confused, scared and lovesick. what happens when peeta comes home? - an everlark fanfict...
The Warrior Games - A Fanfiction Crossover by an0nymou5_k
The Warrior Games - A Fanfiction call me 'K' :)
"The Dusk Choosing. The event that shadows the Clans in the forest. ShadowClan, RiverClan, ThunderClan, SkyClan, and WindClan. They all fear it. The Dusk Choosing i...
The Hunger Games: Prim by Oliviathenoob
The Hunger Games: Primby
So basically this is Prim in the Hunger Games with better logic and it's more realistic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Black Bird by Hlynns
Black Birdby Haley
My name out of thousands of children in my district, it was me, my name that was called. They say its an honor to be a tribute but I think that's a lie. Whats so honorab...
Life After Death by lookingfortaylor
Life After Deathby lookingfortaylor
AU. Katniss returns to District Twelve after serving her time for killing the president. Gale and Katniss's mother are still gone. Prim is still dead. Peeta was killed...
Maze runner meets hunger games by SuperUnicorn22
Maze runner meets hunger gamesby Gio P.
This story takes place two days after Tessera shows up. THE GLADERS HAVE NOT ESCAPED YET!!!!!!! note that chapters/parts may be short
The Hunger Games: On the 70th © by Gatubellina
The Hunger Games: On the 70th ©by Gatubellina
...In a distant future, the nation of Panem, once North America, has been divided into 12 districts and The Capitol. Every year two young representatives from the distri...
The home visit (Hayffie - HaymitchXEffie) by MissNatalieMoon
The home visit (Hayffie - Nat
May the Hayffie be ever in your favour.
The Snows: Snow Fall (The Hunger Games Fanfiction) by one_with_the_roses
The Snows: Snow Fall (The Hunger ♡ A N G ♡
The Snows; a perfect family of eight children and the perfect heir to Panem's presidential throne: Coriolanus Snow. As the Snow children grow up, they battle with Panem'...
Two Victims, One Love (A Hunger Games Fanfic) by MariaHutch_1012
Two Victims, One Love (A Hunger MariaHutch_1012
What if Katniss had not been lying to herself in the 74th Games? What if she truly did love Peeta and it wasn't for the cameras? Now, what if something happened before t...
Child's Play | The 75th Hunger Games | A Hunger Games Fanfiction [DISCONTINUED] by BlokkyBlok123
Child's Play | The 75th Hunger Blokky Blok
DISCONTINUED: They don't even get off the train 😂 smh Katniss was supposed to volunteer for Prim, right? But what if she had run away with Gale that fateful day? Who wo...