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Scars - A PJO/HOO Soulmates AU by OneAppleBlossom
Scars - A PJO/HOO Soulmates AUby Blossom (◍•ᴗ•◍)
He doesn't trust She trusts too much ~~~~~~~ He gets too much care She isn't cared about ~~~~~~~ He isn't supposed to be scared She is terrified ~~~...
Bones [Volturi Kings] by pleuvoirx
Bones [Volturi Kings]by skyler—∗
•ouch, i lost myself again lost myself and i am nowhere to be found• [Volturi Kings] [Trigger Warning Inside] [New Moon - Post Twilight] [Cover by: @kylie2304 ]
Perfect Destiny by karishmadoneria
Perfect Destinyby Kαɾιʂԋɱα Dσɳҽɾια
Destiny! We all know how it can change a person's life which they never have imagined. Sometimes it pushes you to the hell and brings you back to life. Sometimes it give...
The Elemental Book by PrincessPhilip8
The Elemental Bookby Princess Philip
(Currently on Hiatus) About some kids who win a ticket for an all expense paid cruise trip, meet new people, talk with spirits and happen to win a weird book in a game...
Astrid Blu: Orion's Curse by _Blaze777_
Astrid Blu: Orion's Curseby Gouthami Bhadranandan
The mirror started to wrinkle like a plain surface of water got disturbed. Astrid found her hands going to touch the wrinkling surface. Her fore finger touched the mirro...
THE ENCOUNTER by bookishh21
THE ENCOUNTERby bookishh21
BOGGART, a shapeshifter creature in the Magical World which takes form of the FEAR of person present in front of it. What happens when A Pure Blood Witch and A Boggart c...
My Feelings by bookishh21
My Feelingsby bookishh21
• Featured in @WattpadPoetry 's Official Reading list named "Positive Vibrations" • #1- Bestpoems #2- Mylifeinanutshell These poems bring me, the ability to...
A Musician's Notes by lomoony
A Musician's Notesby logan
what is hope but a feeling?
Under Stars by delphini_polaris
Under Starsby dakota blaze
Ocean is trapped in a village once sparked with life, with a family falling apart now that her mother-Queen of their planet- has run off, leaving them poor and alone. Oc...
The Astronomers Eyes by delphini_polaris
The Astronomers Eyesby dakota blaze
A new poem book, starting off with my new original: The Astronomers Eyes. The book is a mixture of smaller and longer poems, normally derived from my love of nature, the...
INSIGHT by clinging_to_hope
INSIGHTby ❆♪|Zᴇᴇ|♪❆
"A glimpse inside will scare you away but the ones who really care will choose to stay" ~The words that once struggled to be said, The thoughts that longed t...
Whoever Murdered Crystal Morrison? by ESJ1004
Whoever Murdered Crystal Morrison?by Errol Diaz Sta.Juana
~ Killers just don't kill for nothing. That's why the word 'motive' even exists ~ Samara is living a not-so-good life, and to add the cherry on top, she finds herself wi...
Broken Windows, Broken Soul by marjwiiitty
Broken Windows, Broken Soulby Write Eustress
They say, "The eyes are the windows to your soul". ... and only the eyes can see them. Your broken windows. Your broken soul. Let us be careful not to step on...
Kin Bound (A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction) by nitrous_sparx
Kin Bound (A Vampire Diaries Fan ⚔︎ Nitrous_Sparx ⚔︎
A vow to a brother quite possibly dead. A plan thwarted by a brother most hated. Valerie Inverno has been aimlessly searching for her brother since he was captured and i...
Scripted Thoughts  by Mystic_Writer97
Scripted Thoughts by Wanderer💙
Book 1 || Ash Rockwell Series 'Do you think they would ever like you? In your dreams. You're way out of their league.' 'Don't trust these people. They're just faking the...
The Miracles of Misfortune🌟 by postcards_from_venus
The Miracles of Misfortune🌟by Residents of Venus
Soohyun, Andrea, Rose, Portia were living a peaceful school life .... but as they say some things are not meant to be! this is were their lives turns the table and ma...
Breaking Point  #ThePurpleIceAwards2020 by nitrous_sparx
Breaking Point ⚔︎ Nitrous_Sparx ⚔︎
Luke McGregor had it all: a loving wife, a great house, and a bubbly eighteen month old baby boy. But that all changed in less than a heartbeat. He should be dead. But...
A Song Of Light and Darkness - Book One: Dawn Of New Force  by rainyday0307
A Song Of Light and Darkness - BlueSerenity
After watching "The Rise of skywalker" , many of us have wondered what would have happened if Ben Solo had lived. Would he have been caught and imprisoned? Wou...