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The Arrow - Oliver Queen by mattmurdocks_eyes
The Arrow - Oliver Queenby mattmurdocks_eyes
Pretty much Thea makes a friend while her brothers away and this is her story and journey throughout the arrow seasons. I suck at descriptions I'm sorry. Season 1-???
Angel Face - Oliver Queen 🌷 by XxSasMasterxX
Angel Face - Oliver Queen 🌷by ❤ Bubblegum Biitch ❤
Harleen Merlyn is the youngest daughter of Malcolm Merlyn and grew up in Starling City her whole life. Despite being Tommy's younger sister she spent most of her days wi...
Arrow in My Heart // Green Arrow Fanfic by jenisonder
Arrow in My Heart // Green Arrow Jeni Sonder
When Oliver Queen returns to Starling City after five years of being deserted on an island, no one expected him to ever be the same, but Eva Scott is startled by just ho...
A Canary's Love (REWRITING) by ImpalaAllie
A Canary's Love (REWRITING)by Allison Balkum
Eliza Queen used to date Sara Lance but then Sara betrayed Eliza by going on the Queens gambit with Eliza's brother Oliver. Eliza only put her trust into Thea and Laurel...
Merlyn by borntolive22
Merlynby BornFree
A disaster would strike Queen's Gambit separating the group of four into three different groups. Robert and Oliver Queen would go one way, Sara Lance another, and Emma Q...
Canaries by dreamerwithwords
Canariesby dreamerwithwords
Laurel and Sara never knew about her, their little sister. Hailey Cleo Lance changed their lives forever. I do not own anything except the character Hailey and the plot.
Dancing In The Dark-Laurel Lance by saralancesbae
Dancing In The Dark-Laurel Lanceby JJ
"DANCING IN THE DARK, WITH YOU BETWEEN MY ARMS." The story of how the daddy's girl and the new and unsuspecting detective fall in love and go through one hell...
Starling's Dark Night by AgentReach
Starling's Dark Nightby Agent Toxin
After losing your parents at the age of 12 in Gotham due to a mad man killing them before your eyes, Bat-Man saved you and took you under his wing and trained you alongs...
The Rise of Athena (An Arrow: Season 1 Fanfiction) by WinterPhoenix123
The Rise of Athena (An Arrow: WinterPhoenix123
My name is Evelyn Rose Queen. The second child of Robert and Moira Queen. I'm two years younger than my brother Oliver, and 15 years older than my sister, Thea. I love...
Chasing Arrows : Oliver Queen X Stark!Reader by oliver-queen
Chasing Arrows : Oliver Queen X Oliver Queen
Takes place end of S4 of 'Arrow' and 'CA:Civil War' Tony Stark. Billionaire, Genius, Playboy, Philanthropist, and older brother to Y/N Stark. Y/N was only 5 when their...
SILVER → tom holland {1} by denxity
SILVER → tom holland {1}by maddi
in which a British Princess is cast in another film to only be impressed by a certain cast member. SOCIAL MEDIA tom holland [1] 80K reads 29/1/2019 90K rea...
The Rise of Artemis by ArrowverseFan833
The Rise of Artemisby ArrowverseFan833
Thea is send back in time by Mar Novu right after Oliver's funeral. She is sent back to make things better and hopefully save her brother in the process. I do not own Ar...
Speedy and The Canary by CFCPD6181321
Speedy and The Canaryby CFCPD6181321
Just a bunch of oneshots about Thea and Laurel's relationship. Mostly romance, maybe the occasional friendship. CHECK IT OUT!!! Cover by: InhumanCreations
Laurel? by CFCPD6181321
Laurel?by CFCPD6181321
Everyone took Laurel's death hard, but not like Thea. Thea lost the love of her life, and she's falling apart piece by piece. Now, what happens when Laurel miraculously...
Blue Falcon by chou1198
Blue Falconby Anubhav Choudhury
Jessica Lance never thought that a boat trip with her sister Sara Lance and their friend Rich Playboy Oliver Queen would change her life so drastically. Now five years l...
High school (Olivarry) Completed/Book 1 by K1tty6at
High school (Olivarry) Completed/ K1tty6at no
Oliver realized that laurel is not the one he loves, but he didn't want to Break her heart so he acted like he loved her but secretly he loved someone who no one expecte...
Justice League [SuperCanary] ✔ by Olicty
Justice League [SuperCanary] ✔by BLINK 🖤💓
Gdy na ziemi pojawiają się najeźdźcy z kosmosu, Kara uważa, że to już czas zrekrutować nowych członków do Ligii Sprawiedliwości. Zaczyna od kogoś, kto dla innych nie żyj...
The last Queen by launicnun
The last Queenby Laura 333
Oliver and his younger sister Alexandria got lost on a shipwreck 5 years ago. After going through hell at a young age how did this affect the youngest Queen sibling? Ho...
Faith Forgotten Land → Oliver Queen by RandomestFandoms
Faith Forgotten Land → Oliver Queenby Maddie
Yvette Knight was the epic love of Oliver Queen's life. As the daughter of a French heiress and an American media mogul, their families had always had close ties, and t...
Klaus's Eldest Daughter by ScarletQuakeWitch
Klaus's Eldest Daughterby ScarletQuakeWitch
What if Klaus had another daughter before Hope? He has a daughter named Clarke Forrest who is the vigilante known as The Banshee and is the wife of Oliver Queen.