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Queen {Riverdale} by parisianglory
Queen {Riverdale}by Parisianglory
"Who is that? The girl's really pretty" Veronica asks. "That's Anastasia Hill and her man Reggie mantle. They're the schools queen and king" Kevin e...
Torn | Tony Padilla (boyxboy) by carlitoswrites
Torn | Tony Padilla (boyxboy)by Carlos *-*
"Chad Beaumont was one of my many Junior friends, and just like the others, this one ended in chaos and disaster, for me." (13rw LGBT fan fiction) • this beau...
Clubhouse [ THIRTEEN REASONS WHY]  by -13secrets
Clubhouse [ THIRTEEN REASONS WHY] by :’)
In which Claire Jensen reveals the truth to her brother about the secrets of the clubhouse. [Season 2] [Trigger Warning: read at your own risk] Finished [08.20.19]
Distinctive  ► Atkins | Reed by ohyourcewl
Distinctive ► Atkins | Reedby 🖤
[On Hold] Chloe Jensen didn't have a clue what was going on around her. And they all wanted to keep it that way. JeffAtkins x OC Scott Reed x OC {Disclaimer: I do not ow...
13 Reasons Why ~ Alex Standall: Taped Over by spiritoftheuniverse
13 Reasons Why ~ Alex Standall: 💖Anna💖
"My attention darts towards the parcel on the countertop. Mother and father won't be home till late into the night. Hesitantly, I flip the parcel over in order to o...
distant || zach dempsey by thirteenrwily
distant || zach dempseyby vanessa
"you've been acting distant and it feels like i've lost you." // the only characters i own are elizabeth, perry, and a couple of others you don't see in the sh...
baby ⇒ jeff atkins  by kjapaesthetic
baby ⇒ jeff atkins by a demogorgon
"atkins, i'm pregnant with your baby," "you're what?" - lots of swearing sorry
13 reasons why Imagines! by AvoidingDoomDays
13 reasons why Imagines!by AvoidingDoomDays
All of my imagines will probably only be loosely following the story line of 13rw and there will probably be spoilers of the show. Most chapters will be based in season...
Cry for Me ► Zach Dempsey | ✓ by bubblesforblossom
Cry for Me ► Zach Dempsey | ✓by 𝒋𝒂𝒔𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒆
❝I'm not the same crybaby I was freshman year, Zach. So, don't give me your tears. They won't make up for mine--for Hannah's. Don't cry for her. Don't cry for me.❞ SEQUE...
Elapsed→Tony Padilla (Completed) by Fiveqvill
Elapsed→Tony Padilla (Completed)by Revlyn Grays
COMPLETED!! Must read beforehand. I have come to a conclusion that, I will be carrying out this book in a respectful manner, Tony therefore will be bisexual in this boo...
Angst ~Jeff Atkins~ by Loveebee
Angst ~Jeff Atkins~by Loveebee
In which the sophomore varsity baseball player begins to fall for the good girl freshman.
Bad Reputation | Montgomery de la Cruz by AvoidingDoomDays
Bad Reputation | Montgomery de AvoidingDoomDays
"He's got a bad reputation" [Social Media x Real Life] BASED IN SEASON 1 | NO ONE DIES (Scott Reed is in it even though it is based in season 1) Bryce isn't a...
The Ending They Should've Gotten - Monty and Winston  by wontysbby
The Ending They Should've wontysbby
What if Monty didn't die? And what if he and Winston got a happy ending?
13 Reasons Why | Gif Series by -Zombae
13 Reasons Why | Gif Seriesby Zombie ღ
❝WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THIS TO ME WHEN I WAS ALIVE?❞ || Highest Ranking: #23 in Random - April 25, 2017
zach dempsey imagines by thirteenrwily
zach dempsey imaginesby vanessa
its been years and im still obsessed with this jock lowercased // all imagines are written by me [ credits to the owners ]
trouble | justin foley by -nostalgics
trouble | justin foleyby :)
trou·ble /ˈtrəb(ə)l/ noun noun: trouble; plural noun: troubles 1.difficulty or problems
Zalex One Shots by zachsalex
Zalex One Shotsby lolidk
There aren't many Zalex fanfictions out there and we need Zalex so The stories aren't mine, credits are given at the beggining of every one shot. Enjoy!
angel → scott reed by -delenas
angel → scott reedby ericka
in which scott reed isn't like his friends and brooklyn myers realizes it. [SOCIAL MEDIA] [SEASON 2] -delenas | 2018-19
WHATEVER ✷ thirteen reasons why by glamclare
WHATEVER ✷ thirteen reasons whyby ✷
Sasha Pierce was an enigma that couldn't be forced open by the strongest fists. In fact, all that was common to her was mumbling under her breath WHATEVER! That was unti...
text me → dempsey ✓ by rosegoldvinyl
text me → dempsey ✓by celeste
in which jeff atkin's sister transfers to liberty high [thirteen reasons why au] [social media] [completed]