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Antecedent (Tex Sawyer) by MindOnJupiter
Antecedent (Tex Sawyer)by MindOnJupiter
Based on a story from my old account and from the third instalment of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Lori and her friends are taking a road trip to celebrate graduation where...
Happy Thoughts || Peter Pan by IamMerakii
Happy Thoughts || Peter Panby Leah
Unlike her classmates, Avery doesn't really care about boys, romance and fashion. Her phone contains fewer contacts than there are pens in her pencil case. Her classmate...
Silent Wings  by MochiAndSpritue
Silent Wings by WorldWideTinyMochi
(Takes place before, during and after Secret Of The Wings) Even after hundreds of years, Clarion and Milori's hearts still ache. Both rulers are trying their best to sta...
Queen Clarion's Secret  by MochiAndSpritue
Queen Clarion's Secret by WorldWideTinyMochi
Everyone has secrets, some darker than others. But not all secrets can be kept a secret, when it unravels itself.
Peter Pan 3: The Revenge of Captain Hook by DaviddeVilliers
Peter Pan 3: The Revenge of Captai...by David de Villiers
Many years later after the events of Return to Neverland, Jane had never forgotten her adventure with Peter Pan. However, like her mother, she grew up and too had a daug...
Stuck In The Rain  by MochiAndSpritue
Stuck In The Rain by WorldWideTinyMochi
When Queen Clarion, Tinkerbell and her friends end up getting stuck in the rain with one another for a couple hours they realize that perhaps Queenie isn't so perfect af...
Peter Pan & Wendy [Love Story] by aziwolf
Peter Pan & Wendy [Love Story]by Allyson Barras
Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, but what happens when Peter seeks Wendy out after five years and she finds out that he has aged, and is begging her to come back t...
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WingFeather Saga Incorrect Quotes by TheShipArtSailor
WingFeather Saga Incorrect Quotesby ABC Mouse.com© Learning Acade...
I was bored so I made some incorrect quotes for one of my favorite book series, enjoy!
When Pan Meets The Darling Next Door by Library_Neko_Nerd
When Pan Meets The Darling Next Do...by megan
What happens when the troublesome Peter Pan meets his new , English neighbors and their Darling daughter ? What happends when one of Peters friends asks him to be his...
Tinkerbell by Chasing_Tee
Tinkerbellby Tee Chase
The first time a baby laughs, whether it's giggled or garbled, a new fairy is born, just like when someone dies, a new star appears in the sky. The new fairy then takes...
Above Game. by smartmouths
Above Game.by ♀
Born on the rough side of D.C, Sadé Wilfred finds an escape plan through dancing which leads her into the arms of Orion Bishop, a star basketball player at their high sc...
Point That Thing Somewhere Else (Rávamë's Bane: Hobbit AU) by RealityWarp
Point That Thing Somewhere Else (R...by Rella
In answer to the very popular AU question in my Tumblr inbox: What would it have been like if Eleanor of my Rávamë's Bane series had woken 65-ish years earlier in The Ho...
Pans love by Starandrobin
Pans loveby FANGIRL
Peter Pan may be ruthless and evil. But he has a soft spot. If you don't believe me read this book. It may change your Mind. Or he may be the person you fear most.
Bin Weevils: The End of The SWS (Fan Novel) by elliemo2009
Bin Weevils: The End of The SWS (F...by Ellie
[ This fan novel is based off the SWS mission "The Hunt for Weevil X" ] "Transmission... lost." In another Bin universe, there is a timeline of sever...
Word for word by MochiAndSpritue
Word for wordby WorldWideTinyMochi
A series of one-shots surrounding the ministers, lord Milori and queen Clarion, based off of random words I found online. (Book and Movie-verse)
Tales From Aerwiar: A Wingfeather Saga Collection by Skywalker15
Tales From Aerwiar: A Wingfeather...by ✨Sara Wingfeather✨
Calling all Wingfeather Saga fans!!! Have you ever wondered what would happen if all of your favorite characters from the land of Aerwiar got together in the same room...
Saving Peter by Ihrschatz0307
Saving Peterby GabiGhost0307
One of the first dying kids Peter every brought to Neverland was a girl. The daughter of a pirate. She missed the sea so much after several years that she took the oldes...
Are We Still Young? by Ddosamaszn
Are We Still Young?by Ddosamaszn
A high school girl Gia has been through hard times searching for love, which causes her to get hurt from her recent ex's she was very quiet until she met a boy, Ethan R...
Unwanted Peter Pan x Reader by Aspect_0
Unwanted Peter Pan x Readerby Asian Miller
Unwanted and alone Y/n finds herself running away from her foster family After all the abused , pain, and sexual harassment. She finds her way in neverland and meeting t...
Peter Pan III: Take On A New Adventure(READ UPDATE) by warning157
Peter Pan III: Take On A New Adven...by idkman
Ever since Margaret could even comprehend a thought, she had been told the stories about the famous hero of Neverland and his adventures. His legacy was known through th...