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Late Replies by kaiarchives
Late Repliesby kai
MEET ME TODAY SERIES #1 Started: June 09, 2022 Ended: A chat serye wherein H, a guy who have a long time crush to K took his chance by inviting her to his birthday. Afte...
How To Befriend An Alien (BoyxBoy) by Mouki21
How To Befriend An Alien (BoyxBoy)by ENJOY!
Tyler Montgomery is a space geek. He loves Star Wars and Star Trek, Doctor Who and Avatar. But most of all, he believes that we are not alone in the universe, and he's d...
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The Cumming by AverageBookPublisher
The Cummingby Jamie
The Cum Messiah has came upon you.
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The Gift by SamuelSabay
The Giftby Samuel Sabay
When you think life is not worth it or anything you do only amounts to nothing. You can give up. Or you can choose to rise and create a difference to impact your life an...
Locked in by TEPTheIdiot
Locked inby TEP
An Omori Sunburn Fanfiction Thumbnail Source: This fanfaction was based on the image. Omori was created by Omoc...
Celestial Escape by aesyueiry
Celestial Escapeby ei.
under revision.
राजस्थान के बारे में कुछ चटपटी खबरें/ Rajasthan latest News, Today News. by Rajasthantrend
राजस्थान के बारे में कुछ चटपटी खबर Rajasthan trend
आज आप इस आर्टिकल में जानेंगे राजस्थान से जुड़ी बहुत सी अजब गजब और चटपटी खबरें. कुछ ऐसी खबरें जो आपको दीवाना कर देंगी और कुछ ऐसी खबरें जो आपको चौंका देंगे तो आइए शुरुआत क...
Somewhere, Today by giulianarosee
Somewhere, Todayby Giuliana Rose
Book two in the Somewhere series. "So it didn't work out between you two?" My heart shatters over the line, my mind screaming to say, "It didn't work out...
Dare Me To Jump! by xthreetears
Dare Me To Jump!by Amanda~
Frank Iero gets bullied by Gerard Way everyday, but still likes him. What happens when Gerard finally admits he's gay and loves Frank? Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sir...
SNC by Nalina-Montrose
SNCby Nalina-Montrose
A collection of short story's and Poems. The abbreviation standing for "Short Narrative Compilation"
Advice from a geek by ZackFury
Advice from a geekby Zack kin fury
Facts and Stuffs about Monsters, Mythical creatures, and other things that you might find. If you want a suggestion, Feel free to comment.
An Open Letter to All Law Enforcement Officers by odysseyauthor
An Open Letter to All Law odysseyauthor
When are we going to stand with our police officers and say, "Thank you"? They stand in the frontlines so we don't have to. Law enforcement officers are the sh...
Uh Taehyung And Jisoo| Vsoo by AnimeKpopKdramaFF
Uh Taehyung And Jisoo| Vsooby #sistersforever
v/kim taehyung is a vampire Jisoo is a doctor Hwang In-yeop is jisoo's ex and Lisa and Naeyon are jisoo's sister But she fell in love with a vampire When some magic happ...
Against the Grain by Bobbiejelly
Against the Grainby bobbiejelly
Derek comes over to tell Meredith she's got a choice to make...
sincerely, feelings  by aimeeiscoolerthanyou
sincerely, feelings by aimee
one of the deepest poetry you can ever find; read between the lines, connect yourself to your authenticity. these short poems will let you feel the feelings you've hidde...
Hired For Love by ericaswritings
Hired For Loveby Erica
It is about a girl that need a job badly that her would do anything. She get the job for the right reasons and her can't get out of the job. But she end up like he. Then...
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society today  by aureliaxrs
society today by idk
[ #15 in poetry as of 4th of May 2018 ] 1st place for Poetry in the Necro Awards 2nd place for Poetry in the Nova Awards 3rd place for Poetry in the Ethereal Awards 1...