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No Way Home by toenail21
No Way Homeby toenail21
When a strange spell sends you hurtling into an alternate universe, you realise your life was a lot better than you'd originally thought. The Spider-Man in this reality...
That Witch Bitch by toenail21
That Witch Bitchby toenail21
Witches don't fight, they BURN! At least, that's what you thought when you first stepped foot in Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. After making fri...
Mall Rats by toenail21
Mall Ratsby toenail21
Y/n (you) didn't have a home so Starcourt Mall was where you lived, one night you see something you could never forget and you are forced to keep the secret of the upsid...
Home Is Where The Heart Is by toenail21
Home Is Where The Heart Isby toenail21
That one botched spell had really messed up your life. Not just your life but the whole multiverse as well. And now it is falling apart. You must work together with old...
Time Travel  by toenail21
Time Travel by toenail21
When you are sent back to 1984, you expect life to be easier than the 'apocalypse' you were previously facing. Camp Redwood seemed like the perfect place to wind down an...
It Couldn't Get Any Stranger  by toenail21
It Couldn't Get Any Stranger by toenail21
When y/n opens a gate to escape the upside down, she realises that she can't take on the demogorgan alone. But who could she trust? *** Set after season 3. This was writ...
The Next-Door Down by toenail21
The Next-Door Downby toenail21
You hated living next to Hawkins National Laboratory. The building had always loomed over your small house, giving you chills every time you stepped outside. But one day...
That Witch Bitch: Continued by toenail21
That Witch Bitch: Continuedby toenail21
Nothing could be worse than being vaporised in the apocalypse. At least that's what you thought when your phone rang with an alert that you'd been one of the lucky few t...
The Youngest Victor by toenail21
The Youngest Victorby toenail21
You were only twelve when you became the victor of the 70th Annual Hunger Games, making you the youngest victor in the whole entire history of Panem. Now, even though yo...
Trees - A Hunger Games FanFiction  by toenail21
Trees - A Hunger Games FanFiction by toenail21
A failed Capitol experiment. That was all you were. Nothing more than a bioweapon gone wrong. Completely worthless. You were the waste of the capitol. So, as you'd expec...
Tag Along - A Narnia FanFiction by toenail21
Tag Along - A Narnia FanFictionby toenail21
You knew magic wasn't real. It couldn't be. Yet there you were, in a mystical land filled with mythological creatures, in a whole world where castles, dragons and swordp...