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Jimin ff (21+) ll His Sex Toy ll •MATURE• by JamlessMinie
Jimin ff (21+) ll His Sex Toy ll • bangtan homies
You can call me anything you want..A bitch? a slut? a hoe? a gold digger? a dick lover? call me anything you want cause i don't care...He owns me..He'll punish me..He ca...
Fracturing Your Mind  by TheHubby1
Fracturing Your Mind by TheHubby1
Fantasy/reality involving BDSM
My World by TheMysteryMixUp
My Worldby TheMysteryMixUp
(NOT ANIME)Alexandria is walking home from her boyfriends house when it starts pouring. She gets lost when a guy who seems as sweet as can be invites her inside until th...
Because of you by Juthi7
Because of youby TayNewHeartu
Life is not easy for New. He is in always stress and depression.Where he has no one to comfort him. On the other hand, Tay is living his life on his own way.He has a gre...
Superstar by 1jhonyx
Superstarby 1jhonyx
Izuku Midoriya was a scared kid He always dreamed of being a hero But when he awoken his quirk accidentally he was surprised to see animatronics in his room *I do not ow...
Nick Wilde (CEO) and Vahoona (stripper) erotic fanfic *SUPER SPICY* 🌶️  by spedpoptart
Nick Wilde (CEO) and Vahoona ( Jamalious
Vahoona is the best stripper in the world... nothing and nobody can get in her way. Another stripper Ozempic is trying to sabotage her, what will she do when confronted...
Out With The Old Comic by PikachuPlayer24
Out With The Old Comicby PikachuPlayer24
This is by a deviant art artist named Emmonsta. None of these pictures or this comic belongs to me. Please give credit to her for the comic. Thanks, and enjoy! (Scott Ca...
The Return of M3GAN by DessieSun
The Return of M3GANby Desmond Sun
M3GAN was finally gone or was she? Cady and Gemma could heal and move on with their lives. This is the tale of the aftermath of the destruction and devastation caused by...
Females vore x Male reader by Littlebean0w0
Females vore x Male readerby Littlebean0w0
A collection of females by my choice and yes I shall take requests if you like(if I have time that is) Hope you Enjoy!!! Btw I couldnt decide what cover to use so I chos...
The Alone Girl by CarbonMoon
The Alone Girlby Abbie
Avery wants nothing more than to read in her tree away from people, away from the family that she ran away from but what happens when she meets the sweet and kind Alpha...
I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found (A Toy Story Fanfic) by iamsporty657
I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found ( Mary Whitney
SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen Toy Story 4 yet, you may not to want read this just yet. Otherwise if you have, feel free to commence reading... Ever since Woody en...
━ DOLL | h. hyunjin ✔️ by AILESTINA
━ DOLL | h. hyunjin ✔️by ━ done. forever grateful.
❝ she tells him she's feeding him and loving him, nonetheless, she also feeds on his happiness and hope. ❞ ▸ a story in which a boy is a g...
The Slaughter by romance-author
The Slaughterby Erica Jones
Unfortunately I don't own the characters or the fnaf game. I only own my own characters. - This is a romance between one of my characters and Vincent. I really suck at...
My Star of the Show|Toy Bonnie x Reader by foxxyduh
My Star of the Show|Toy Bonnie x Foxy duh
You pick up at job at this pizzeria. It replaced the one you've been to as a kid. There's something different about the animatronics at this place. You began to learn mo...
Foxy X Mangle || Highschool Crush (DISCONTINUED) by sir_potato161
Foxy X Mangle || Highschool Sir Potato
Foxy Adams starting going to a different school, Fazbear High, because he moved away from his original hometown, Wisconsin to New York. When he's at school, he makes som...
❝In which a boy meets an exceptional girl, who flips his world upside down.❞ [EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE]
Demon Slayer Playtime || Poppy Playtime x Demon Slayer Crossover by SamuraiSophie
Demon Slayer Playtime || Poppy Samurai Sophie
Poppy Playtime x Demon Slayer Crossover in Tanjiro And Nezuko's World, tanjiro and nezuko have the small letter and tanjiro and nezuko packed up, who revisits its Aband...
Tempted [Sequel to HNT] by biscuitmonster
Tempted [Sequel to HNT]by Biscuit
"I'm tempted to risk everything, to lose everything for you, because it's only been you, it's always ever been you" Max Evans in now a 23 year old man already...
Worm on a string has fun~ by daddypeeonme
Worm on a string has fun~by daddypeeonme
Kokichi bought a new sex you he can't wait to try it out but until then he just waits. As he waits very paiently for his package.