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Jimin ff (21+) ll His Sex Toy ll •MATURE• by JamlessMinie
Jimin ff (21+) ll His Sex Toy ll • bangtan homies
You can call me anything you want..A bitch? a slut? a hoe? a gold digger? a dick lover? call me anything you want cause i don't care...He owns me..He'll punish me..He ca...
his S E X slave | vkook by bunnybby_
his S E X slave | vkookby sm.ileey
"Beg for it." "Ple-please..! I ne-need it!" "Get down on all fours and arch your back, baby boy." "Wha-what is this?!" I widene...
My pet. // Boyxboy // Latex toy // smut by Masked__Mystery
My pet. // Boyxboy // Latex Masked__Mystery
A living latex sex toy, catboy story. smut is included,and there's alot of it. ~---------------------------------------------------~ "My own living sex toy? that's...
Mr ဟယ် by Junella_J
Mr ဟယ်by Junella_J
အရုပ်တွေနဲ့ ဆော့ရတာ သဘောကျတဲ့ ကလေးကြီးအကြောင်း ❤️
Because of you by Juthi7
Because of youby TayNewHeartu
Life is not easy for New. He is in always stress and depression.Where he has no one to comfort him. On the other hand, Tay is living his life on his own way.He has a gre...
BL One Shot Collection《MM Translation》 by Sue_YuanXi
BL One Shot Collection《MM Yun🐈
One shot storyလေးတွေပဲ သီးသန့် စုပြီးတင်ပေးမှာပါ^^💕 Do not Repost my Translation.🚫 All Crd To original Author & Artist.💯
abide⋆joey trotta by HiIlikeyourface
abide⋆joey trottaby Em(o)ily
This was the 1st Toy Soldiers fanfic on Wattpad, if you didn't know. :) Regis High School has recently accepted girls into the prep school. It's a school made of student...
Tempted [Sequel to HNT] by biscuitmonster
Tempted [Sequel to HNT]by Biscuit
"I'm tempted to risk everything, to lose everything for you, because it's only been you, it's always ever been you" Max Evans in now a 23 year old man already...
Mike The Mongrel (Five Nights At Freddy's) by Colton_The_Great
Mike The Mongrel (Five Nights At Colton_The_Great
Just one final night, one more night to survive at Freddy Fazebear's Pizza, but he failed.Mike Schmidt failed to survive his fifth night at the damn place.He's officiall...
Five Nights At Freddy's Full Lore - It's Me by CRAZYLAME
Five Nights At Freddy's Full James Fitzgerald
My interpretation of the full lore of Five Nights at Freddy's. Many scenes are either inspired by, based on, or just are from: Creepypasta, and _the_steelest. The Story...
Springy's Adventure: Grand Opening by PikachuPlayer24
Springy's Adventure: Grand Openingby PikachuPlayer24
Presumably the last animatronic alive named Springy takes part in a museum about the past animatronics and their lives. He wishes he could have friends, but who would ev...
True Art - ItaDei Threeshot + Lemon by The_Pink_Dango
True Art - ItaDei Threeshot + Lemonby Pink Dango
"Deidara." Itachi hissed at the blonde. "W..What?" Deidara whimpered. "Tell me what they did to you." He said sternly. "...They raped...
Compilation Of Boys Love Short Stories by MLNatan
Compilation Of Boys Love Short MLNatan
Boys Love Short Stories of actors, singers and boybands - from Korea, Thailand and China.
Out With The Old Comic by PikachuPlayer24
Out With The Old Comicby PikachuPlayer24
This is by a deviant art artist named Emmonsta. None of these pictures or this comic belongs to me. Please give credit to her for the comic. Thanks, and enjoy! (Scott Ca...
Toy Story Retold by MooseTheHuman
Toy Story Retoldby MooseTheHuman
A Toy Story fanfiction that is a retelling of the Toy Story franchise with a twist. It includes Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry, Part...
Old and New by bobbysouth12
Old and Newby bobbysouth12
Celebrating its twentieth anniversary, 'Toy Story', the first fully CGI movie in history, is celebrated by 'Family Guy' by doing its own adaption. There are characters...
Buzz x woody by mxxnrvcks
Buzz x woodyby 𝘔𝘰𝘰𝘯𝘳𝘰𝘤𝘬𝘴
A heartwarming story, enemies to lovers uwuwuuw
Changed My Life (Harry Stlyes fan fic) by GeorginaRB
Changed My Life (Harry Stlyes Georgina Styles <3
ONE GIRL, ONE DREAM AND ONE BOY… Georgina enters the X-Factor, she never thought she would meet the boy and band of her dreams, they come best friends but is that enough...
Toy Story 5 {Fan fiction} by Sylvie_Serene
Toy Story 5 {Fan fiction}by Sylvie Serene
I do not own Toy Story franchise and I do not have any rights to it. This is just a fan fiction made by me. Update: Currently under hiatus.