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Can you last 5 nights?? (Male reader x Toy Chica) by PoMan2405
Can you last 5 nights?? (Male Po Man
Y/N is looking for part time job, He then sees there's a help wanted sign for the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza as a security Night guard , He's heard rumors o...
Stubborn-Withered Bonnie x Reader by Imadragonnerd
Stubborn-Withered Bonnie x Readerby Dragonfangirl
There aren't very many stories involving Withered Bonnie and even tho he's real annoying in fnaf 2 I still freaking love him, so. Yeah. Expect nothing other than fluff...
Sun and Moon show group chat (plus other shows) by Unicornpuppony123
Sun and Moon show group chat ( Sun and Moon
Earth makes a group chat for her and Lunar to get to know the others. Nice eclipse is called solar in this. The shows that are in it are the Sun and Moon Show, the Lun...
The Ultimate FNaF Ship Book by ThatAkutagawaKinnie
The Ultimate FNaF Ship Bookby StarIsEnby
A place to find your favorite ship without me hating on it! Even if it's absolutely disgusting
Falling For You Sequel to Falling For Foxy by Foxalicious
Falling For You Sequel to Foxy's First Mate
This is the sequel to my first book Falling For Foxy. Technically the third book in the series. You may want to read Falling For Foxy to better understand this book.
Springtrap and Goldie  by bigbootytickler
Springtrap and Goldie by bigbootytickler
A spin off of the classic comics Springtrap and Deliah and Ask Goldie Anything! Description: The aftermath of where Springtrap reveals his darkest secret to his beloved...
Foxy x Mangle-Fight for Love(Fangle Book 2) by Bonbonthekitkat
Foxy x Mangle-Fight for Love( That One Bookaholic
Sequel to the high school years. Foxy and Mangle are official, yet people are out to corrupt that love! With help from the gang, can Foxy and Mangle stay together? Or wi...
J e r k  || Toy Bonnie X Reader  by RooTheInvader
J e r k || Toy Bonnie X Reader by ☆ ᎡᎾᎾ ☆
(Y/N) was flipping through the paper one day looking for a job. She recently got fired from her old job, she then saw a add for a job that grabbed her attention. "...
The Loner | Foxy x Mangle Highschool by UnknownRover185
The Loner | Foxy x Mangle Unknown_
After the death of his father, Foxy is left shattered and lost in a cyclone of emotion. Never to be saved from it until he meets a very special person who pulls him up a...
Mangle x Foxy || Highschool Love by MariBaee
Mangle x Foxy || Highschool Loveby MariBaee
(Read note in description) - When he was just seven years old, Foxy and his friends all used to go to school together back in California, it was just him, Chica, Freddy...
|Broken| A Foxy x mangle high school Fanfic by blaise303
|Broken| A Foxy x mangle high blaise303
foxy and mangle both have sad pasts.foxy lost his parents to a shootout and lives with his sister, and now they moved to a small apartment in a new town. Mangle is an on...
Don't leave me by sunflowerstalkr
Don't leave meby sunflowerstalkr
(Foxy x reader) ~This is my first x reader and fanfic~ (Y/n) gets a job starting as a waitress, helping everyone's favorite four animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeri...
Human Fnaf 2 x Reader by AnimeFanFourteen
Human Fnaf 2 x Readerby AnimeFan14
(I brought this story back for Fnaf VR, Security Breach, and the Movie. I couldn't keep up with all of the notifications. That's why I removed the story.) The sequel to...
Fonnie(Its not really just the first couple thirty chapters) by FredilinaTurnVenus
Fonnie(Its not really just the Freddle
Bonnie lives with his abusive boyfriend Ace. At home its bad, but at school its worse. He's all alone, no friends, and so much enemies. Just worst one is a boy named Fox...
Twisted Dreams (Fnaf high school) by Doom_Shroom
Twisted Dreams (Fnaf high school)by Doom_Shroom
Foxy's life has been hell ever since his parents divorce when he was 7, though they strangely got back together under strange circumstances, when he was 10. From what he...
A Forbidden Love (Ask Goldie Anything AU) by MrsPinkLoveHeart
A Forbidden Love (Ask Goldie Mrs Pink
Golden Freddy has loved Bonnie ever since he laid eyes on him; he wished he would one day build up the courage to ask Bonnie out on a date. But now, he couldn't even get...
Sweet little fox| Toy Bonnie x Mangle by Mikayla1838281
Sweet little fox| Toy Bonnie x 💜Lollybitty🧡
A handsome bunny meets the most beautiful fox he has ever seen in his life -------- 💖💙 ____________ A FNAF fanfiction made by Lollybitty Made in 2024 _______ -ToyBonn...
(ON HOLD) Mangle x Foxy | | Mangled Love | | Book 2 by MariBaee
(ON HOLD) Mangle x Foxy | | MariBaee
(Sequel to my first story, I recommend reading that before this to find out how they met!) After Vixen was destroyed by the toddlers and was given the name 'Mangle', The...
The Bear And The Rabbit (Fronnie) by Fluffin_Muffins
The Bear And The Rabbit (Fronnie)by Fluffin
Cover image by Dragonskaa on Deviantart Also, this is an older story, so expect for it to be kinda janky in some areas At night, and on their days off, the animatronics...
Forgiveness - Springtrap x Ballora/Springlora by sailorrsalem
Forgiveness - Springtrap x Lucifell
Springtrap was finally accepted by the animatronics. Well, most of them. When he finds out that the animatronics from "Circus Baby's Pizza World!" are visitin...