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Worlds Collide (Transfomers) by Arya_Skye
Worlds Collide (Transfomers)by ...
While hunting for a relic, the Autobots get swept into a world that shocks them. They struggle to adapt and realize they could be trapped there forever. Don't own anyth...
Forever A Team: Transformers Animated by Mira2Faith
Forever A Team: Transformers The Mirage of Dreams
Book 2 of Forever Series Julie has awoken, finding herself asleep on the floor of a dark alley in the middle of the night. With no idea where the Primes decided to send...
Fuckformers Images by colourl3ss_b1tch
Fuckformers Imagesby smokey (zest fest)
Just images I hoard out of love 😖❤ (one of these images are mine and I do not own Transformers) #1 in g1 July 16, 2023 #1 in hoard August 15, 2023
Transformers Prime/Animated Crossover  by Frenzy-of-G1
Transformers Prime/Animated Frenzy-of-G1
Ratchet sends a groundbridge to Detroit not knowing that somewhere in the distant future there would again be Autobots in that precise spot! Things go wrong and Prowl fi...
TFA: Together We Stand (Season 1) by FelinePhoenix1412
TFA: Together We Stand (Season 1)by Literature_Heroine _Chronos
Prowl was always a loner, everyone knew that. He always kept his emotions and secrets behind closed walls. He was an enigma to everyone, even his own team. He was a lone...
Tongue Tied and Dumb by TransformersFanHelp
Tongue Tied and Dumbby Smutlord
Tfa Op x Reader, yes another one)) Life is like a tongue twister Move too fast and you'll trip yourself up Move too slow and you look like a fool So I ́ll just remain q...
Yandere Transformers animated x female reader by Sleepykittycat198
Yandere Transformers animated x Minikittycat
This is my first time making a book and I'm pretty bad at it but I hope you enjoy.
One in the Same (Tfa Blitzwing X Mech!Reader) [On Hold] by InsomiaticFanatic
One in the Same (Tfa Blitzwing X SkylarkKing
"Ratchet, why didn't you tell me there were other triple changers?" "Because there weren't any others." "Then who was that?"
The lost Spark by moganna-la-falling
The lost Sparkby moganna-la-falling
After the battle of detroit, the allspark took prowl's spark. Or did it? What if Primus decided that the spark would live on, but in a different body....and with another...
Unexpected purchase by EdgyAlexBerry123
Unexpected purchaseby Alex Teo
This an alternate universe where in the final battle with the Decepticons,the Autobots had been defeated and Cybertron was taken over.Bumblebee and the rest of his team...
S.P.E.E.D. by TransformersFanHelp
#11 Smutlord
Bumblebee (tfa this time) x android! reader -insert funny robot joke here- "I hate machines." ".... Aren't you a machine?" (completed)
Transformers Animated: Ome by TheBlueBean1993
Transformers Animated: Omeby Gem
AU - She was the last Sparkling born from Vector Sigma and considered a miracle, but she had no Creators, however that changes when Omega Supreme decides to take her on...
Sparkling Bee by Girsgirly
Sparkling Beeby Girsgirly
Ratchet's missing sparkling returns to him in the most odd way. Transformers Animated Ratchet x Wheeljack
Manners Maketh Man (TFA! Various x Cybertronian! Reader) by Snow_Wolf9
Manners Maketh Man (TFA! Various The Snow and Shadow Wolf
I stopped walking just as I reached the pub's front doors as all emotion disappeared from my face. I looked over to one of the photos hanging on the wall and watched the...
Tfa x child reader Oneshots by NormaSinxs
Tfa x child reader Oneshotsby NormaSinxs
I noticed that there weren't that any Transformers Animated fanfiction, nor any Tfa x child reader so I decided to make this
The AllSpark that connects us by jazminerose2000
The AllSpark that connects usby Jazzy Wolf
My first TFA (Transformers Animated) so If I miss spelled any words sorry about it. Spirit was at the park on a regular beautiful day, that is till she met a red headed...
This here is an AU fanfiction of my own version of the Transformers Animated TV series, called TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED HEROES, which will be a story about a small team of...
Transformers x Reader by leigoofie
Transformers x Readerby Ace
"Sometimes we read when we want to be happy, and sometimes when we need to let our tears fall. We read so that we could feel." I am only familiar with Transfor...
Where You Go I Go by InsomiaticFanatic
Where You Go I Goby SkylarkKing
is this another adhd fic? yes. but the rules are gonna match the rules for Wild Ride where it isn't entirely a romantic fic but may be one eventually. ------- transforme...
Transformers Animated: Little Spider by Alexia_geekygirl710
Transformers Animated: Little Red Hibiscus
One stormy night, Blackarachnia discovers a six year old girl out in the woods. Taking pity over her, she brings the girl back to her temporary shelter and helps her. Th...