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tulpa.. by rowanda_23
tulpa..by Retaj _ efan
اذا عندك تولبا حياك الله🗿
MY YU | tulpa by _0xiril
MY YU | tulpaby ليلي
وَتسألُني ما الحُب؟ الحُب أن اكتفِي بك وَلا اكتفِي منكَ أبدًا - تحذير: ما اتقبل السب او التعدي على افكاري او كتابي بأي شكل كان لو كنتَ لا تفهَم بالمواضيع ذي لا تحاول تق...
Tulpa Journal by DazeGator
Tulpa Journalby Dazerzhiz
Currently, I have begun creating a tulpa, which I am calling Tal, at least until it gains sentience and changes its name. This is our story. - This is in no way, shape...
tulpa  by HanaEmad455
tulpa by Nardine_chan
بدايتي مع التولبا و اذا عندك ادخل
Magical friend التولبا by K_youribad
Magical friend التولباby Ari ɳɯα
هايات جيت اشاركم معلوماتي وكذا ماعرف اعمل شرح يجذب لان صراحة جيت هنا اكتب وخلاص جاتني الفكرة واحكي عن يومياتي مع صديقي واذا ضهر وبحاول يعني💗🦦شي كذا بلا بلا
The Weregator Fledgling: A Mythical Journal by DazeGator
The Weregator Fledgling: A Mythica...by Dazerzhiz
Welcome, whoever has found this book. Please, call me Dazerzhiz. I won't say more. If you are one of the Uninitiated or Unwilling, W̸̻̎͌A̸̰̒Ḱ̴̼͕͐E̴̞͋̄ͅ ̶̙̩͒U̴͍̽P̵̝̮͛.̶͠...
Tulpa Journal: The Do-Over by DazeGator
Tulpa Journal: The Do-Overby Dazerzhiz
This is the second tulpa journal I'm doing, lol. The first one got messy.
My Tulpa Journal and stuff by justenoughlight
My Tulpa Journal and stuffby justenoughlight
This is basically just where me and my tulpas write down our random thoughts and stuff for all of you peeps to read. My name is Sky and my tulpas are [Fracture], {Blayze...
tulpa diary by bloodwitch19
tulpa diaryby witch
about the tulpa and host
Journal of a System by FractionGuild
Journal of a Systemby FractionGuild
A journal to show people what a plural system is.
Soulmates 4ever💙🌏 by ROZETA_333
Soulmates 4ever💙🌏by Jeon_Roze
خرجت من خيالي لواقعي المرير لتجعلة كالسكر يا قطعة السكر هذه روايه لي ولصديقي الخيالي تحكي عن بعض احداث ربما تكون قد حدثت أو لا ولكن صديقي حقيقي وموجود معي الان اذا ارد...
Secrets of A Silent Assassin by cubeNA8
Secrets of A Silent Assassinby cubeN/A
In the ordinary life of high schooler John lies an extraordinary secret-a silent companion named Sarah, a entity seen only by him. When rumors of a hidden academy that t...
Facts about me/us by justenoughlight
Facts about me/usby justenoughlight
Heya! So I realized I actually haven't shared a lot about myself, and I thought you might want to know a bit more about me! If you don't, you don't have to read this, bu...
The tulpa chronicles  by calla4
The tulpa chronicles by Space kitty
Tulpa. A strange and uncommon word. An ancient word. Tulpamancy. A strange practice. An ancient practice. an uncommon practice. Tulpamancer. A person who practices tulp...
Me and Isla (Tulpa) by Achilles8747
Me and Isla (Tulpa)by RoninSamurai8747
What is a tulpa and how I create her
The Paracosmic Infinitum Project by TheFirstHoshi
The Paracosmic Infinitum Projectby HOSHI PRIME
Welcome Non-Tulpamancers, Tulpamancers and Tulpae alike to The Paracosmic Infinitum Project! I am Atrades, our host. I have been working towards some interesting things...
Tulpa by HeresSandy123
Tulpaby Sandith Damsana
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have an imaginary friend, actually there? Like you could actually see them with your own two eyes? The world would be a diffe...
Words of a Tulpa : Aiden's Advice [Archived] by ZoeyLouLou
Words of a Tulpa : Aiden's Advice...by Zoey
***Written by Neckelehamiah and her clone of the real Aiden*** This book will be written entirely by my Tulpa named Aiden. Outside of this description , unless otherwise...
My Voice by Erin-Wayne
My Voiceby Batman's Protégé
Ashley is just a 17 year old. The only weird thing about her? She shares a body. She's had the voice since she was a child. The voice has powers and protects her. If she...