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Chaos of the Multiverse (PJO fanfic) by ThunderingLava
Chaos of the Multiverse (PJO Ocean_Wave
I was a normal girl reading a Percy Jackson book for the 5th or 6th time, in a normal house, in a completely and utterly normal world. What will happen when I was sudden...
Reincarnated by DaughteroArtemis
Reincarnatedby DaughterofArtemis
Life isn't easy when you are reborn as the twin of Percy Jackson. Especially when you know his fate.
Sea Love - hpxpjo by ItsPotterGirl
Sea Love - hpxpjoby Sasuke’s smile
Muriel Amaryllis Jackson, Daughter of the sea, First born Daughter of Poseidon, Heir to Poseidon, Twin Sister to Percy Jones Jackson. Olympus's Champion and Sweetheart...