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Toddler - [Taebin FF] by btch_for_yeosang
Toddler - [Taebin FF]by Author LK 🤍
Six years ago, the unthinkable happened, as Taehyun sat next to his girlfriend's deathbed, coming face to face with his future responsibility. The responsibility of bei...
My Secret Crush // Choi Beomgyu by bbeargyu
My Secret Crush // Choi Beomgyuby bbeargyu
a popular cold hearted boy falls for you, but will you have the same feelings for him? #1 kangtaehyun #1 choi #1 bighit #2 hueningkai #2 choibeomgyu oh my god. thank u...
black is a happy color ; txt by yooonverse
black is a happy color ; txtby yooonverse
a vampire out for revenge, a boy with a mysterious secret, a murderous prankster, a killer who does not hesitate, and a not-so innocent boy. you know, they say the child...
TXT ONESHOTS [requests + originals] by SailorTaeFics
TXT ONESHOTS [requests + originals]by SailorTae
REQUESTS CLOSED FOR NOW will reopen soon! ▫️▫️▫️▫️ A collection of original oneshots and requests from readers! Smut, fluff, and angst Please read Introduction first! E...
A Time Traveller's Guide To Love | Beomgyu FF  by pumpkiiin__piee13
A Time Traveller's Guide To Love |...by pumpkiiin__piee13
Defying space and time, two fated lovers navigate the mysteries of love. Together, they discover what it means to love and to be loved hoping that it will promise them t...
CONNECT USby Ur Cupcake🧁
In the midst of the precarious atmosphere before a war, Keith must be reunited with pieces of her precious past. ©2021, CupKyle
Abroad - A TXT Story  by honeyhueningkai
Abroad - A TXT Story by Koo🎧🎀
Hueningkai is a foreign exchange student from Hawaii, who's been longing to explore the world and leave his hometown. After finally getting accepted for a full expenses...
Cause of my Euphoria | Yeonbin ✓ by choiyeonbin2019
Cause of my Euphoria | Yeonbin ✓by choiyeonbin2019
What if Soobin is late to realize that, Yeonjun is his only cause of euphoria? | ©choiyeonbin2019
Single Parent (Yeonbin) by Taekookie_bunny
Single Parent (Yeonbin)by Taekookie_bunny
After Yeonjun reveals he is pregnant, his boyfriend breaks up with him, leaving him heartbroken and pregnant alone. He struggles with bullies and relies on his parents a...
TXT SCENARIOS by hoseokxhaechan
Reaction/ imagines for TXT ♡ ❥ Tomorrow x Together 🔆Let your imagination do the work 🔆 REQUESTS OPEN SOOBIN ☼ YEONJUN ☼ BEOMGYU ☼ TAEHYUN ☼ KAI ☼ don't transla...
YEONJUN | LOVE. by choonamss
YEONJUN | LOVE.by choonamss
⊱┊ in which two best friends experience sincere love. + THE DREAM SERIES: BOOK TWO ➴ txt | choi yeonjun ➴ written on october 2019 ➴ text format ➴ original story & insp...
SOOBIN | 10 Things I Hate About You ✓ by choonamss
SOOBIN | 10 Things I Hate About Yo...by choonamss
·˚ ༘ A bet was made to see if he could charm his way to her heart. [ editing!! ] - ➴ txt | choi soobin ➴ written on april 2020 ➴ highschool drama au ➴ original book cov...
YEONJUN | ROOM ✓ by choonamss
YEONJUN | ROOM ✓by choonamss
·˚ ༘ since when did we need couple therapy? - ➴ txt | choi yeonjun ➴ written on november 2020 ➴ short story ➴ original book cover & plot ➴ all rights reserved
the evil ones || txt ✔️ by jjuniss
the evil ones || txt ✔️by jaehyun’s gf (real)
(descendants inspired!) when prince soobin is preparing to become king, he decides it would be a good idea to invite three teens from the isle of the lost over to the ki...
flirt; yeonbin by berrysoobinnie
flirt; yeonbinby berry™
[ Completed ]"Wow, who knew you were so cheesy?" "I'm only cheesy for you." _________________________ In which Soobin and Yeonjun are the biggest fli...
Gaming Trinity ༓ TXT || Taegyu by Taegyaza
Gaming Trinity ༓ TXT || Taegyuby ✧
♧︎ After waking up inside of a video game called: Tower of Challedency Beomgyu, the do-nothing guy, finds himself not only trapped in a challenging paranormal tower but...
BEOMGYU | ARTLESS. by choonamss
BEOMGYU | ARTLESS.by choonamss
☻ | in which he learns to move on + THE DREAM SERIES: BOOK SIX [ sequel to BOOK ONE: UNFAITHFUL ] ➴ txt | choi beomgyu ➴ written on october 2020 ➴ text format ➴ origin...
Milk Tea and Love notes | Yeonbin ✓ by choiyeonbin2019
Milk Tea and Love notes | Yeonbin ✓by choiyeonbin2019
- a short Yeonbin story where Soobin's secret admirer always left love notes and his favorite milk tea in his lockers, but Soobin is in love with his best friend, Yeonju...
HUENINGKAI | ONLY ONE. by choonamss
HUENINGKAI | ONLY ONE.by choonamss
⊱┊in which two best friends are both oblivious to their feelings towards each other + THE DREAM SERIES: BOOK FIVE ➴ txt | hueningkai ➴ written on march 2020 ➴ text forma...
The First Chance《Yeongyu/Sookai》 !!OMEGAVERSE!! by DraftingComicBird
The First Chance《Yeongyu/Sookai》...by DraftingComicBird
The first school to enroll betas, omegas, and alphas in its walls, all thanks to one students battle for it. Taehyun is confident that he can prove that everyone can go...