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Got One-Shots Book 2 by MegLPie
Got One-Shots Book 2by Meg
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Here is my 2nd Game of Thrones one-shot book! I still do not own ANY of the Game of Thrones characters. They belong to George R.R.Martin! I d...
War For Love // GoT by Audelia01
War For Love // GoTby Audelia
"Nobody good is ever truly good, and nobody bad is ever truly bad" "If I cannot be better than them, then I will be so much worse" "Fire and Blo...
Of Lions And Wolves || Tywin Lannister  by Tolkienfandom
Of Lions And Wolves || Tywin Lanni...by Tolkienfandom
Alyssa Stark is the eldest child of ned and catelyn stark and king Roberts goddaughter. when ned heads south, he decides to take Alyssa along with arya and sansa with hi...
A Lioness Still Has Claws | Female Tywin Lannister | ASOIAF/GOT by WickedTheRedHorse
A Lioness Still Has Claws | Female...by Roxanne
Female Tywin Lannister. Top ranking #1 in ASOIAF | "That had better be a jape," The cold words were jarring from the pretty ten year old, and caught the attent...
A Lion's Pride, a Stag's Fury by hrisoula
A Lion's Pride, a Stag's Furyby hrisoula
After the battle of the Bells, a goshawk arrives in Casterly Rock carrying a message for Robert Baratheon. Tywin Lannister makes a simple decision that will alter destin...
Game of Thrones One Shots by Minsyal
Game of Thrones One Shotsby Minsyal
Posting my Game of Thrones one shots here in addition to Archive and Tumblr
Lost Boy [SANSA STARK / DISCONTINUED] by ganseysblue
LOST BOY. ❝ in a way, he was so fascinated by her that, no matter who it would have been, no one could have stopped him from loving her. ❞ game of thrones | ©...
Aftermath || Robert Baratheon by Krazy_Kupid
Aftermath || Robert Baratheonby Krazy_Kupid
they married for duty. they ruled for the realm. they fought for justice. but they healed for each other. A story in which two broken souls, brought together by chance...
Lannister  [S. Clegane] by enoaja
Lannister [S. Clegane]by Enya
" Hear Me Roar " ▪Game of Thrones ▪Sandor Clegane ▪pre season one and forwards
Wards of the Throne || Game of Thrones by ArtsyDoodleBug
Wards of the Throne || Game of Thr...by Nikki Riley
"I'm ward to House Lannister, nothing more nothing less." "Don't you dare say that! Not after everything your sister has been through!" Robb yelled i...
a tournament of roses, jon snow by scoobysnacs
a tournament of roses, jon snowby — 𝑴
"Prince Rhaegar loved the Lady Lyanna, and thousands died for it." ── 𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙤𝙗𝙮𝙨𝙣𝙖𝙘𝙨 © // 2021
Game of Thrones - One shots, Preferences & Imagines ♡ by khloemomoa2
Game of Thrones - One shots, Prefe...by khloe momoa 🌊
male only GoT characters x reader/request name
Of lions and wolves || second ending version <3 by Tolkienfandom
Of lions and wolves || second endi...by Tolkienfandom
This is a different ending version of my fanfic "of lions and wolves || tywin Lannister", there will be another two books with another 2 different ending versi...
TRAGIC LOVE -- they were never meant to last [JAIME LANNISTER] [ROBERT'S REBELLION]
Siren's Call by nymeria1618
Siren's Callby nymeria1618
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. These are the words of House Martell, and these are the words Elia Martell lives by. Elia Martell does not die at the hands of a lion, nor wil...
THE MARIONETTIST - asoiaf by floralogy
In the whispers of those who condemn the avarice and yearning as sins, none truly grasp the depths of such desires. for 𝙢𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙡𝙮𝙣 𝙝𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙤𝙬𝙚𝙧, however, it wa...
A Lioness of Westeros. by lily_readzs
A Lioness of Westeros.by Lily
In a world ruled by power and men, Cersei's youngest daughter, Joana Lannister, finds herself struggling to live in the shadows of the Iron Throne. Her brother, Joffrey...
Defiant by Capella_DeVil
Defiantby Elise
She had always been defiant. It was in her blood. Some said she got it from her strong-willed mother, Bellatrix Lestrange; some say it was from her Mad father, King Aery...
Forgetful by marvelousbones
Forgetfulby Marvel
Jaime always seems to be forgetting his things.
Game of Thrones - Myrcella Baratheon Story by IRISHouse
Game of Thrones - Myrcella Barathe...by IRIS HOUSE 1
In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die; remember your allies, enemies and who you trust. Game of Thrones: A Story for the Ages; holds deeper and darker secrets...