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Hello Again (Undertaker x reader) by Hellova_paw
Hello Again (Undertaker x reader)by Hellova_shot
Being poor and nowhere to go would anyone blame me to live at an undertaker? I mean what could go wrong at such a place? This Story is from my old account taztaz92
Undead [Undertaker x Reader] • Kuroshitsuji  by adventuretimefanitc
Undead [Undertaker x Reader] • Kur...by Eyebags
[BOOK 1/1] •DISCONTINUED• (Note that this book will use the head cannon name Adrian Crevan) "So you're dead?" "But... I'm not?" The cloaked man leane...
UndertalexReader One-Shots! by Makusia
UndertalexReader One-Shots!by Makusia
These One-shots are more like... "fluffy" and funny ones. Of course there'll be some Yandere or something if You like them~ And I'll try to make as many charac...
The Fallen Player by Treekami
The Fallen Playerby Tree
We follow YOU, the Player, on this epic Undertale story. You get sucked into the game on your computer and have no idea what to expect. Will you be able to get back home...
Undertale X Reader by Frei_111
Undertale X Readerby Frei_111
You woke up on bed of golden flowers without having anything to remember. Going to an adventure where you met with many monsters to go home. Easy, right? Not really, act...
Hope (AU Sans x reader) by SstarsOfSilver
Hope (AU Sans x reader)by Sukuna
You had kept your magic abilities hidden for years, keeping them hidden from everyone including the one's close to you. You never expected that the one time you did use...
【~My reality~】 by Strawb3rry04
【~My reality~】by 𝐀𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥
Where a self aware girl got teleported to the one and only undertale multiverse and met a few skeletons on the way and became friends or maybe perhaps more? or will they...
Sans x Magic! Reader x Chara: Under the Surface by err0r___4o4
Sans x Magic! Reader x Chara: Unde...by ルル
Monsters are now free to roam the surface, though it wasn't exactly the kind of freedom they were looking forward to as humans discriminate and restrict them from coexis...
Knock Knock {A Sans X Reader - Undertale} by LittleFluffyAlpaca
Knock Knock {A Sans X Reader - Und...by Cuddles the Alpaca
You were always a curious child. One day, your curiosity took you too far. You lived not to far from a mountain, MT. Ebott, and always wanted to see what was on the top...
A Forgotten Love: Undertaker x Reader by MeowMixX10
A Forgotten Love: Undertaker x Rea...by Writer-Chan~~
You wake up in a strange dark room when a long silver haired male in black approaches you.
serene | undertale various! x reader by 5AT_URN
serene | undertale various! x read...by saturn
"but i've got an angry heart, filled with cancers and poppy tarts" - ajj : in which a human falls into the underground, and monsters fall for them. ! this book...
𝐖𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐋 ; unde...by dingleberry
(Published to the Editor's Account as the New Author) *inserts cool decription* ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ➸ Underverse belongs to Jakei. ➸ Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. ➸ All the AU's ment...
Case Of The Living Doll ❦ Undertaker  by marnieed
Case Of The Living Doll ❦ Undertak...by ❦•Marniee•❦
A story of a human-like doll and her owner Undertaker.
Ⓓ Ⓤ Ⓓ Ⓔ {Yandere! Undertale! Various x Underfell! Reader} by jackradical
Ⓓ Ⓤ Ⓓ Ⓔ {Yandere! Undertale! Vario...by one radical man
{Yan! Ut! Various x Fell! Reader} [reader is Gender Neutral] [College! AU] [tw: yandere themes, obsessive and posessive mindsets. read at your own risk. i do not condone...
Black Butler One shots (request closed) by Hellova_paw
Black Butler One shots (request cl...by Hellova_shot
These are stories based on the black butler characters. Note: this is a repost from my old account taztaz92
She's Special by SarahGalaxy2
She's Specialby Sarah Galaxy
What if Ciel didn't made a deal with one demon, but instead he made a deal with two demons? Expect this one demon is special...meet (Y/n) (L/n), a special demon who is a...
How pain can turn into love by MarieMurilloPortilla
How pain can turn into loveby Mariñe Murillo Portilla
This is an undertakerXreader but it's also my history when my father died so don't eat me hehehe also I don't own any of he characters they belong to Yana Tobosso
A light in the darkness |Nightmare x reader| by NekkoetOnTheIntrnet
A light in the darkness |Nightmare...by NekkoetOnTheIntrnet
Everyone craves the light. It's what keeps them going. people will do anything they can to keep their light shining, but what will they do if the light extinguish and wh...
The Youngest Phantomhive by napping_nat
The Youngest Phantomhiveby Nat
COMPLETED The year is 1887. A time where the people of great wealth sat on thrones like royalty, while the poor beg for scraps, hoping for another chance to see the sun...
Save Point (Sans x Reader) by JuniperJoy101
Save Point (Sans x Reader)by 🍑 Peachy 🍑
(Sans × Gender-Neutral! Parent! Reader || Slow Burn) Moving from a backwater town to a city bustling with human and monsterfolk alike, some things begin to change both f...