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Supernatural Abilities by upthere
Supernatural Abilitiesby Shay
Of all the things on Taylor Buckley's agenda, developing superpowers was not one of them. One day she was a normal kid in school with a big secret and the next she was w...
Catching the Catchers by upthere
Catching the Catchersby Shay
Life was good for Taylor Buckley until she was transported to a place for people just like her: Those with supernatural abilities. Not only did she have to learn to cont...
wow by syd_____
wowby Syd
"You was talkin' a lot of shit in the beginnin'" "No shit." Meadow grumbles as she listened to the track. "I know it piss you off to see me winn...
The Fight for Fire by upthere
The Fight for Fireby Shay
Taylor Buckley has had quite the interesting life. From being whisked away to a school full of people with supernatural powers learning to fight a common enemy, the Catc...
The Q Weekly by CarelessRogue
The Q Weeklyby Me
It's all in the first issue what this "story" is.
Death pills by bnut4315
Death pillsby bnut4315
A short, dark little romance with a wrong turn at the end, where will it lead too?
The Theory of Affinity by upthere
The Theory of Affinityby Shay
A Marking. A name. A soulmate. This is what begin to form on the forearms of every adolescent, making it a point in their life to set out and find the person whose name...