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Anarameha by xMishx
Anaramehaby TM Watkins
Ana's got a secret. A past that she wants to leave behind. Her survival in the neon city of Geniprea depends on avoiding the authorities. The past, however, has been cru...
M E R C Y - Kol Mikaelson by Star_enterprise_1701
M E R C Y - Kol Mikaelsonby Kat Morningstar
Death is a Wonderfull thing. It makes us realise who we should hold closest to us. Death liberates us. It brings an end to a dissatisfactory life. Death eternally bi...
Dahlia Imagines [RedactedASMR] by lavenderbarz
Dahlia Imagines [RedactedASMR]by Mars
Just a fun little idea on some of our favorite bois in different scenarios. Characters may include but not limited to: • Vincent • Asher • Elliott • Geordi As a remin...
Moments of Ash and Henry's life by Addamsfamilyfan
Moments of Ash and Henry's lifeby 🎀🖤𝓱Ⓐυ𝓷𝐓𝓔ᵈ 🖤🎀
From my stories "Poppy's adventures" ,"Poppy's adventures:origin stories" ,"25 cheerful Christmas tales" and "Random roleplays"...
My boyfriends from Hell by Addamsfamilyfan
My boyfriends from Hellby 🎀🖤𝓱Ⓐυ𝓷𝐓𝓔ᵈ 🖤🎀
What if girls had boyfriends..Halloween boyfriends? The kind that were actual HALLOWEEN MONSTERS! That's what this story is about.Different girls,with different boyfrien...
Let Me Bite You (Vampire Series #1) by akiraauclair
Let Me Bite You (Vampire Series #1)by Akira_Auclair
Selene Laurent is a vampire high school girl that keeps dreaming about the unfamiliar face of a boy. Until one day, something happens during her first week of school tha...
Lost and Found by ItzZylah
Lost and Foundby Alexander
A found family story about a young book loving vampire . running away to find people who will give him what he needs
Oldest Mikaelson Sister by KatherineReilly19
Oldest Mikaelson Sisterby KatherineReilly19
Niklaus has been keeping a locked coffin with him for a thousand years. It is his older sister, who Mikael and Esther cursed into the coffin. They put a sleeping spell o...
Drarry oneshots || Gay || by RiffMe
Drarry oneshots || Gay ||by Balaguer
Mentions of Murder Smut Cute Sad Harry X Draco hate eachother first then love. *You'll see what I mean when I do it.* Hopeless romantics.
FORBIDDEN FRUIT by SarcolineCrimsyn
FORBIDDEN FRUITby leehazelanne_
Snow's life is full of bullshits, his dad is a drug and alcohol addict while her mom is the one who works for the family, she experienced being abused physically by her...
A Vampire's Rotten Heart by The_Suit_Guy
A Vampire's Rotten Heartby The Suit Guy
Garrett Hyŏng's got a case of rotten luck. First, he finds himself sick with a mysterious illness, and next, he's grown a taste for human blood and a pair of shiny new f...
When the Heart Beats | Twilight {Editing} by 8Lucy_King8
When the Heart Beats | Twilight { lucy.king
"For our kind, death is only the beginning..." Disclaimer: I don't own twilight!!! The story belongs to Stephenie Meyer and the script, that i am using, belong...
Not her, her twin  by kai_drarry_topDraco_
Not her, her twin by Kai_bottam_harry
Bella swan and her twin brother Chris swan move to forks and meet the Cullens Bella and Chris get curious but what Happen when Chris get too curious  BoyxBoy Chris a...
My Master by jadethelyn
My Masterby jadethelyn
What will happen when someone takes me? What will they do to me? Will they be like most the vampires that come here!?
Blood line  by charlottespike
Blood line by charlottespike
A sequel to Buffy the vampire slayer but it will mention the vampire diaries for example the originals is mentioned It has 3 different vampire breeds the throes won't b...
Vampire's fault - Satzu FF by DarknRainy
Vampire's fault - Satzu FFby DnR.S
About Satzu in Vampire AU with a slice of bartending concept. A/N: I have no experience with any of those mixing stuffs but I'll try plotting it in my writing style. (Re...
Moon Spells (ongoing) by Bichen_chenqing
Moon Spells (ongoing)by Moon goddess ✨
Jayden is a 15 year old werewolf. Or to be specific soon to be 16 year old. He lives in Cloud town, a town with less than 2000 population. He is a born leader, next Al...
The decisions  by goofy_sn
The decisions by Goofy
Living with her little sister, he soon becomes a vampire that decides who will join the gang. Ps: its for people 12 and above (i think Im not pretty sure lmao-) Enjoy i...
Beyond The Fangs by TinayeWakatama
Beyond The Fangsby Tina
There's a war and the humans are losing. From a young age, Izel had only had herself to rely on and she became a Vanquisher to make sure she never needed anyone else to...