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Predator✓ by KING_KHAREN
Predator✓by King Kharen👑
Life is poison, Life is pain, Life is hell, Life is such a shame. We are treated like meat, Like pieces of ham. We feel the heat, In a world that's a scam. I had to run...
Rudolph, bite me~ by y2kprincess18
Rudolph, bite me~by Isabella
Human blood never fails to bring out the predator inside of every vampire. Even Rudolph. This is a my little vampire fanfic, the 2017 animatic one cause I haven't seen t...
The Edge of the Woods by StoriesWithRose
The Edge of the Woodsby StoriesWithRose
A love story about a vampire named Alexander who falls in love with a human named Henry after helping him in the woods one night. Their love grows every night, but will...
~The Vampire And His Pet~ (BoyxBoy) read rewrite by DeathDarknessAndUwU
~The Vampire And His Pet~ ( #1 DILF
A Long Long ago, humans believed that vampires were just figments of their imagination, that they were just created from the imagination of young children, They were wro...
﴾  Eyes of Truth  ﴿  | 《 چاوی ڕاستیەکان  》 by W47k3r78315
﴾ Eyes of Truth ﴿ | 《 چاوی ڕاست w47k3r5 J01n
"نەخێر!!! تەنیا ئەو گرنگە لە ژیانم!!! تــــەنیا ئــەو!!!" کوڕەکە بە توڕەیەوە هاواری بەسەریانا کرد وەک ئەوەی بێ ئەو نەتوانێ بژیت. چیرۆکێکی ئەنیمیە، باس لە چینی...
Frozen in Time (Vampire Kaeya x Reader X Vampire Diluc) by TodoDekusFAN
Frozen in Time (Vampire Kaeya x Kuroo's Wife
hi so first Genshin story please be nice. This is an au based fanfiction if you don't like that leave y/n stumbles across a mansion while traveling along the road with h...
Red Love by fangsofthedemon
Red Loveby ☠️
We always long for the forbidden things, he is one of them.. Disclaimer: I own plot, characters, background, story and what not? Good question, I dont own the images.
The Vampire's Lover by ChifuyuMatsunoKun
The Vampire's Loverby Chifuyu Matsuno
"A Vampire huh?" "Yeah... i understand if you'll leave me. im scary... aren't i...?" "No." "Huh....?" "I Love you... Baji Sa...
Secrets of Midnights  by prithaheart
Secrets of Midnights by prithaheart
Kao a perfect royal vampire prince. Fluke a intelligent vampire saved by Kao's family since birth. But they are incomplete without their mate. In search of mate their fa...
The Real You by DreamCist
The Real Youby Sushma Krishna (PN - Elora Cl...
Skylar didn't know what was happening when Claire suddenly showed up at her doorstep. Her best friend begged her to help save her dad. Though hesitant, Skylar decided to...
Possession (Yaku x Lev ) (DISSCONTINUED) by Peachy_nico
Possession (Yaku x Lev ) ( Nico
Takes a spin on Haikyuu as we know it. In this AU there are three beings. Vampires. Werewolves. And humans. Humans remain untold about the mythical beings in which have...
Vampire Queen by zwritessss
Vampire Queenby z ꨄ
A vampire queen, that's exactly what I am. I rule over every vampire and they happily bow down to me. Some try to take my place, but you still see me sitting on my thron...
Vamp Eddie Munson X Male Reader (y/n) by someone_stole_felix
Vamp Eddie Munson X Male Reader ( 𝐹𝑒𝑙𝑖𝑥
Smut✔︎ BoyXBoy✔︎ Fluff✔︎ Bad grammer✔︎😅 - i dont know if this will continue or be finished so 😅
Fangs, Vengeance And Love || Kim Minji AU by hoefornwjns
Fangs, Vengeance And Love || Kim magic sarap
Lee Y/N, the last descendant of the Vampire Lee Monarchy escapes from the evil doings of Yoo Haeseo. Travelling to Earth only to find Kim Minji, a human who she never th...
Vanish (girlxgirl) ON HOLD by HahahaDontTalkToMe
Vanish (girlxgirl) ON HOLDby HahahaDontTalkToMe
***WARNING: Girl x Girl (Don't read it if you don't like that)*** ***WARNING: Futanari (Don't like don't read)*** Blood. There's so much blood. Body's hang on the walls...
Monarch of the Masquerade Ball by AudreyEworkman
Monarch of the Masquerade Ballby Audrey Workman
NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BUT IS STILL AVAILABLE FOR READING. "In which the Monarch shall find his bride in the shadows of the Masquerade ball...." The...
Fucking Vampires! [Ranouya & Rinsouya] by xiao_isnotok
Fucking Vampires! [Ranouya & xiao asahi
It happened again.. Ever since they saw those two men.. they can't stop but finding them almost everywhere. No wonder their maybe hallucinating? "don't worry angry...
Scarlet by HolyEmpressKira
Scarletby 炎と闇
It's the Victorian Era and a traveller seeks shelter for the night at a mysterious mansion. While it saves her from the heavy rain, it also gives her a new set of proble...
A BRIGHT DARKNESS  by pb_jellytime
A BRIGHT DARKNESS by pb_jellytime
A fragile girl left alone on the road to die. Poor thing.