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Cosmic Collision | Wanda X OC by acoolwritersname
Cosmic Collision | Wanda X OCby acoolwritersname
A one in a million chance. Ripped away from everything she knows and loves through a multiversal portal with knowledge she shouldn't have, Nyxa finds herself on S.H.I.E...
Fractured {Wanda Maximoff} by arrow_to_the_heart
Fractured {Wanda Maximoff}by prim/miss barnes
Wanda Maximoff was many things: a twin, a sister, a girl with many undiscovered powers at her fingertips. But never call her an Avenger. They are to blame for her brothe...
A Goddess Called Infinity by RaventheRogue
A Goddess Called Infinityby RaventheRogue
Thanos gathers all of the Infinity Stones. He has all the power of the universe in his hand- literally. But what's this? Turns out there's more to the stones than meets...
The Scarlet Void by Flaming_flamongos
The Scarlet Voidby Flame
(Cover image is not mine) Clark Whitlock, one of S.H.I.E.L.D'S top operatives. An expert in hand to hand combat, marksmanship, espionage, and recon. Thanks to his many s...
Come Back to Me | Wanda x Female OC by spacecam3
Come Back to Me | Wanda x Female OCby spacecam3
This story is going to based off my TikTok POV series I have going on (@maximoff.carter) I have changed Y/N to an original character. Y/N is now Anastasiya Rostov and he...
Connections ( ON HIATUS ) by spacecam3
Connections ( ON HIATUS )by spacecam3
This is a Wanda x OC Female fan-fiction. All rights go to Marvel/Disney - I do not own the characters just have fun writing with them. The story is from the viewpoint...
wanda and artemis by official_mhademon
wanda and artemisby mhademon
both experiments, both have powers from infinity stones. now what if wanda's true reason for joining the avengers was because of artemis. and what if artemis fell in lov...
Unlimited Lives | W. Maximoff by StarGazingPro
Unlimited Lives | W. Maximoffby Alora
During the fight with Ultron, Laila and Carter Watson --step siblings-- meet Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. They all go from anti-avengers to avengers together. They all be...
Between Us by demigoddesswitch
Between Usby demigoddesswitch
Cynthia Raelynn Fitzgerald-Moore has enough on her plate as it was. Between fending off suitors who chased her family's prestige and centuries-old inheritance, and manag...
Illusions And Chaos by NecromancerRey
Illusions And Chaosby Rey
Archer Jones is a quiet girl. But she has powers. Incredible and dangerous powers. She tries to use them for good, to help people, but she's scared she'll slip up and hu...
The Big Mean Wolf by Synode_
The Big Mean Wolfby synode
Still a young child, he will be bitten. By what, that is the question. Follow the story of Charles Lynch as he meets the avengers. But the story won't quite be what you...