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Crown Of Curse by crazypoodle
Crown Of Curseby viviana
A girl in disguise. An heir in hunt. A world divided. Iris Lavera is born into the civilization of the least respected ones. The lineage where it's predicted to birth a...
Alphas daughter by UnknownW225
Alphas daughterby UnknownW225
Ella Reed is the daughter of the powerful, ruthless and controlling Alpha Alexander Reed - and the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. Ella likes to be in control...
Alphas family by UnknownW225
Alphas familyby UnknownW225
No longer the Alphas daughter, Ella Reed must face the new challenge of leading a pack. Born and raised to be a strong Alpha, she thinks she has everything figured out. ...
Alphas War by UnknownW225
Alphas Warby UnknownW225
Ella Reed has her family. She has her pack and she has the man she is going to spend the rest of her life with. But, with a war between species on the horizon and a powe...
Nurture And Love (BOOK #3) ✍️ by Rinka_Chetri
Nurture And Love (BOOK #3) ✍️by Rinka Chetri
Book #3 (AND series) [ONGOING ✍️] ABOUT THE STORY: If one is the ship, the other is the sailor. If one is the nurturer, the other is the caregiver. Ten years time and st...
Zipper by Pixee_Styx
Zipperby Sam Schill
A little girl gains an imaginary friend...but the friend becomes troublesome. Five year-old Emmy has a vivid imagination. But is her imagination so strong that she could...
Cambiar Las Mareas: The Beginning by mjboooks
Cambiar Las Mareas: The Beginningby mj 📚
If you were given the chance to save your ancestors from ruin, will you accept it? - Jimena Baltazar, a 21st-century woman with modern ideals and values, was sent back t...
Eliza Wuz Here by Pixee_Styx
Eliza Wuz Hereby Sam Schill
Ash is kidnapped and taken to a secret hotel--a discreet business only the worst kind of people know about, where she is trafficked. As she endures terrible things, she...
UNBREAKABLE by EastCoastPinay
UNBREAKABLEby EastCoastPinay
Shelly's relationship with Art began as a friendship. However, as she developed romantic feelings for her childhood best friend, she faced a difficult decision. Should s...
The Uber by Pixee_Styx
The Uberby Sam Schill
Lexi, Krista, and Ronnie get in an uber. Someone plans on not letting any of them go.