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Our Luna | Short story [COMPLETED] by thepengirl_
Our Luna | Short story [COMPLETED]by Sinch Ana
*Previously known as 'My Alpha Mates'* She was soft delicate female wolf who has always been ignored by her family. When she turned 18 she finally finds her mates who ar...
Imprinted: A Jacob Black Fanfic by MuffalettaGrace
Imprinted: A Jacob Black Fanficby Muffaletta Grace
Margaret Skilling had no idea what she was getting into when she met the mysterious Jacob Black. But from the moment she met him her life was never the same.
Bronze by lydiaisabella7
Bronzeby **Lydia C**
Cover: @PhoenixKing98 Excerpt- "'We can't... I can't." His eyes darkened even with my encouraging words and calm manner. He jerked my hand away and took a...
One Bite by still_just_me
One Biteby still_just_me
Even the happiest fairy tales are rooted in nightmares, twisted to entertain children and lure them into false pretenses. After seventeen years in isolation, Zara recei...
The Rise-Book II by ZeroWineThirty
The Rise-Book IIby Z.W. Taylor
Sequel to 'The Bite.' *You need to read 'The Bite' first before you read 'The Rise,' otherwise you're going to be very lost down this rabbit hole. ...
Colder Than Ice (COMPLETED) by Alegna2017
Colder Than Ice (COMPLETED)by Alegna2017
Highest Ranking : #1 in understanding/death/war/change/family/ second chance mates/loyalty / warewolf, #2 in royalty,#11 in rejection, #19 in werewolf, #59 in teen fic...
Carnal by MaybeManhattan
Carnalby MaybeManhattan
COMPLETED - Like every average person, Ella Schulz had no idea there were such things as Lycanthropes and Vampires. She went about her life blissfully unaware of the war...
The Red Wolf by sweetchoclate9
The Red Wolfby rose
Red wolves are the most strong, powerful and dominant wolves. They are the superior wolves. Decades ago they have all been hunted down and killed for the deaths they com...
His Beta Half (MxM) by thatwriterizzy
His Beta Half (MxM)by Isabelle
Haunted by the past, Tobias Stone attempts to move forward with his life while still gripped by fear. Elijah King has been lonely for a long time, at age 26 he is worri...
Big Bad Alphas by TheSydneyMarie
Big Bad Alphasby Sydney
(Complete) Eric's lips brush mine, a slow, light action that already has me hooked. A comforting warmth engulfs my body, spreading from limb to limb like wildfire. His...
Another Werewolf Story by little-goblin
Another Werewolf Storyby Goblin
María Guadalupe "Lupe" Sullivan had always known she was different. It wasn't that hard to figure out. Her aversion to silver. Her love of raw meat. The physic...
The Broken  (Book 1: Broken series) by Island-Apple
The Broken (Book 1: Broken series)by Island-apple
A/N: The name used to be Broken...Yet still holding on. Figured its time for a change. "Silo, tell me...did you claim her?" he looked guilty but didn't say an...
His Miracle Mate: Rise of the Moon Children by amba9999
His Miracle Mate: Rise of the Moon...by Mia Bee
This book is a sequel to His Miracle Mate. *** **** *** Orla learns the secret of her ancestry, a secret that will make her a target if revealed. How will she dea...
The Scarlet Witch of Mystic Falls by Beyond_the_sass
The Scarlet Witch of Mystic Fallsby Beyond_the_sass
"I read about you once. A being capable of spontaneous creation. A Scarlet Witch. TAKE HER DOWN!!" What happens when a Scarlet witch is born in the universe of...
The Human Pup by emotionalpuppy
The Human Pupby emotional pup
Nova is found by the Dawnfall pack at six years old, crying next to her father's dead body in the forest. The rogues escape, and the girl is adopted by the Alpha, who we...
Black Wolf Falls: Book I by hknightfantasy
Black Wolf Falls: Book Iby H. Knight
Returning back to Black Wolf Falls after six years, Addison Wren Larson finds that what she thought she knew isn't the truth.
Trifecta: Ice [Complete] by NelleIvy
Trifecta: Ice [Complete]by Nelle Ivy
Elise is a werewolf living in an isolated town in the Canadian wilderness. Prompted by fear for those she loves, she sneaks out to an ongoing battle and ends up inadver...
The Alpha's Breeder  by PinkSkies01
The Alpha's Breeder by 𝑤𝑟𝑖𝑡𝑒𝑟
The Red Moon pack used to be Lucy Glens favorite place in the whole world, now it's her worst nightmare. At the age of 19, Lucy approach's her Coming-of-age ceremony wit...
Destined for Deception ✔️ by MarjorieK64
Destined for Deception ✔️by Marjorie
*Book 4 of the Destined Series* Everything that Ryleigh once considered to be certain is pulled into question. From the loyalty of her friends and family to the very mem...
My Vampire Mate  by DreamCatcherGal
My Vampire Mate by Lindsay
Cover made by dogpower77 - Raven is just like any other 18 year old on the planet, with a few exceptions. One, she's a Werewolf. A Werewolf that will find her mate, an...