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arranged marriage to a cricketer by ashwini177
arranged marriage to a cricketerby ashwini
The story revolves around a cricketer and a normal traditional girl who is tied in a relationship know as marriage. will they accept this arranged marriage ? will they f...
HER WEDDING NIGHT by Eaglewoman20
HER WEDDING NIGHTby Olawoore Nafisat Eniola
Her wedding night was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, after having gotten over her ex and getting married to a man she was gradually falling in love with. I...
Royalty (Book One) by _feroah
Royalty (Book One)by Femisola
Six years ago. She was born into this world. She wanted to be cared for but was never cared for She wanted to be loved but is never loved Born out of wedlock, she tries...
Always & Forever! ✔️  by Peppermint_Kisses27
Always & Forever! ✔️ by Peppermint Kisses
BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Sanisha was put behind the bars for the charges of murder of a very famous politician. After 2 days...... BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Sanisha is proved to be n...
Just Your Better Half by sunshineandchocochip
Just Your Better Halfby sunshineandchocochip
This is beautiful story about Vivaan Malhotra and Aarohi Khanna. She is beautiful He is handsome She is clumsy He is adroit She is sweet and caring He is rude and arro...
WedLock ~ Union of Two Souls by TreasuresOfHeart
WedLock ~ Union of Two Soulsby •SD•
Story revolves around 2 individuals with shattered hearts,both lost the one they loved! Both don't even want to move-on ,they are still stuck over past! What happens whe...
Love Brought By Fate!💞  by Peppermint_Kisses27
Love Brought By Fate!💞 by Peppermint Kisses
Tears started to roll from her eyes. She doesn't know why she was slapped. *SLAP* Another slap landed on her cheek( same cheek) by the same person. Her father is just s...
Loving My Soon To Be Wife? ✓ by snowflake_dreams
Loving My Soon To Be Wife? ✓by Snowy
We are all dreaming for a prince charming on a white horse and fairytale starting from love, don't we? Started: Aug 2015 Ended: July 2016 Edited: minor edits in July 202...
Luna by Madewrites
Lunaby Madewrites
Luna Orlando's parents moved her to America when she was five years old to live alone with five maids and two nannies while Mr. and Mrs. Orlando focused on their busines...
Queen!!! by background21
Queen!!!by Neetha Sai
I am a Queen! I am a Queen of two kingdoms whose names are enough to make anyone tremble with fear. I am a Queen who had done nothing but what everyone asked me to do...
Secrets by tinytortilla
Secretsby •
When eighteen year old Elle becomes pregnant with popstar Niall Horans baby, she needs to keep it a secret. Now just over a year later he comes back in town, for her. Wh...
The Black Badger\\ R.L by alazandrat
The Black Badger\\ R.Lby AlazandraJ
FINISHED AS OF JANUARY 18, 2019 The 7th year Hufflepuff walked down the hall with an aura of confidence as she smiled at her fellow classmates. Some would wave back and...
The Assistant and The Affair by queenlolo101
The Assistant and The Affairby Babe❤️
This story is about a young single mother Star, raising her toddler daughter Analeigh. She takes the job working for the CEO of a successful business who seems to have t...
Wrong Wedlock (Accidentally in Love Series, Book#2) by _musu__
Wrong Wedlock (Accidentally in Muskaan
She wished to marry for love. So, when her father announced that she had a arranged wedlock and had to marry the man she had not even met yet, she picked the next best...
Falling Fast (Cameron Dallas fan-fic) by KittyCatCameron
Falling Fast (Cameron Dallas D. Dallas
"Eleanor Daze and Cameron Dallas are best friends or at least were." *In Editing* 3/17/19
stepmom by itsokaynottobeokay12
stepmomby haddish💛
Pain suffering rejection
DEAR DIARY  : Born is not an option by MentalDecencies
DEAR DIARY : Born is not an optionby world observer
You'll be reading the life of sickness. The world that some of us going through. You'll be reading a compilation of sickness and suffer that a person could ever face. It...
The Grand Wedding by Aestaekooker
The Grand Weddingby Aynur Kamil
This Story is based on the Desi Wedding of Seokjin with a Girl named Aynur (me), I hope y'all look forward to it. *THIS STORY IS INSPIRED FROM THE STORY OJESVI WEDS JIMI...
Let me explain (Dead end) by DefiantlyMe
Let me explain (Dead end)by Blah I don't care
- Percy and Annabeth are mortals - When Annabeth becomes pregnant and Percy is taken away for his fathers business in Europe. What will happen when Percy comes back a fe...