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Hold Me Tight, Alpha Raiden. (Werewolf Series 1) (Book 1) by selenophiletheaa
Hold Me Tight, Alpha Raiden. (Were...by Luna Midnight
Broken by her Mate's Rejection, Alyvia ran away from her Pack and even left her Brother not knowing anything. Tired, Hungry, Hurt and Thirsty, Alyvia does not know where...
The Alphas Luna (on hold) by TheRavenofDarkness14
The Alphas Luna (on hold)by TheRavenofDarkness14
My name is Jennifer Colmillo, I'm your everyday 17 year old who is moving from California to Maine. Nothing much to know about me. My dad says he's making us move becaus...
Unknown Alpha by KPOPMODEON
Unknown Alphaby Nova
Nikki Moorales was nothing short of a smart and talented girl. However met with an unfortunate fate, her family joins another pack, desiring to be hidden from eyes, she...
Clouded by futurolxgy
Cloudedby kenna
His Luna's mind was clouded. Darkened with a haze that effected everything. His Luna had the affinity to lead, better than even an Alpha could accomplish. Clouds move i...
Unleashed by werewolf_vampire_
Unleashedby Such Awesomeness
When Spencer was 5 years old she was bitten by a werewolf. When she was 11 years old she was bitten by a vampire. Spencer is now 17 years old and she is a hybrid. Half...
Teeth (BxM) by Rainbowman777
Teeth (BxM)by Rainbowman777
It was supposed to be a small get away...but things always have a funny way of becoming the opposite of what they're intended.... Ethan Enson was on his way to a new bib...