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Shifted by ShiaraS46
Shiftedby ShiaraS46
Things take a turn for the bizarre when two boys' midnight trek into the woods ends with one of them being bit by a beast with glowing red eyes and fangs that almost gle...
The Bite Is A Gift - Teenwolf by Pcrw1233
The Bite Is A Gift - Teenwolfby Hellowerewolf1
Stiles says yes to Peter about the bit, what will Stiles turn to or be and how will everyone react then they find out - C.W.
New Talent by MischiefStilinski132
New Talentby Mischief
10 steps ahead. He has a play in mind you couldn't have even possibly guessed. Duecalion's life work is to find new talent, to make his pack the best it can be. In his q...
Counterpart by monstersinked
Counterpartby 乇мιℓу♡
Two average high school students choose to go find a body in the woods, turning all their lives upside down. Violence, romance, drama. That's just a regular high school...
The Bite by The_City_Rain
The Biteby The_City_Rain
Stiles had always been the angrier of the two. He didn't place his trust in anyone but Scott. So what would've happened if he had gotten bitten instead of Scott? What i...
Sterek :) by I_Heart_Ramen
Sterek :)by IheartRamen
What if stiles had gone into the woods alone that night? What if he was the one to become a werewolf and a brooding sour wolf was his mentor and eventually his anchor...
Stiles mischief  Mikaelson by Glaxaylord
Stiles mischief Mikaelsonby Willow Williams
Stiles is the twin to Hope Mikaelson a young age he is powerful though his family ignores him so he trains and how to fight indifference fighting styles and Masters diff...
TWNE: As the King by alphalunaemy
TWNE: As the Kingby Emy
Second Book in the Things We Never Expected Series. Stiles is now king. How will he and the pack adapt to this. Read to understand their journey. ☆★READ THE FIRST BOOK...
We Can Protect Each Other - Teenwolf by Pcrw1233
We Can Protect Each Other - Teenwo...by Hellowerewolf1
The Alpha's attack but what happens when something happens that never happens before when someone who is human becomes something supernatural through magic and destiny...
Blue Moon ( Teen Wolf ) by StilinskiWolf10
Blue Moon ( Teen Wolf )by StilinskiWolf
( I do not own teen wolf or any of its characters ) There is a new alpha in town looking for a pack, he starts biting people one of them being Stiles ? Will Stiles stay...
I just wanna help... by SophiaSapphire1
I just wanna help...by Sophia Needs Sleep
Stiles is almost always left out on pack missions because he's just a human, just a skinny defenceless human. One day they go out to look for a missing person but someth...
Teen Ascendants 👑 S.S. by twstorylover
Teen Ascendants 👑 S.S.by divineoverseer
Stiles finds that he can't forgive Allison for what she did to all of them which puts Scott in an awkward spot. It gets worse when a pack of Alphas come to Beacon Hills...
The List Of Beacon Hills (slow updates) by stilesstilinxki_29
The List Of Beacon Hills (slow upd...by stilesstilinxki_29
This is the third book in the 'I was a human' series The pack was enjoying their somewhat normal life's and having fun until a list of supernatural creatures called a de...
Power - Teenwolf  by Pcrw1233
Power - Teenwolf by Hellowerewolf1
After the Nogitsune Stiles hasn't been great, he can5feel the power that he had before until Theo and the Dread Doctors com and make a deal with him, doesn't me tak eith...
Multiverse by werewolf7745
Multiverseby Son Of Stope
There are hundreds of worlds, each of them unique in there own way. Specifically the young human boy known as Stiles Stilinski. Come on this journey to know just how di...
Can't I be saved too? by SlytherinQueen20098
Can't I be saved too?by Little Rose
The pack are ignoring Stiles minus Liam, Isaac and Erica. When the alpha pack come to Beacon Hills again Stiles gets given the option to join the Alpha Pack, Spy on the...
Strangers on a Subway by Roseslover36 by Kirito10c
Strangers on a Subway by Roseslove...by Kirito10c
What if Stiles had never been human? What if Peter had bit him without asking? What if Stiles had left after Allison died? Nine years after Stiles disappears, an exhaust...
Hide & Scent  by SapphireGinger
Hide & Scent by SapphireGinger
Stiles and Brett are mates and while Brett deals with a feral omega, Stiles is worrying back home as a newly bitten wolf. He may not be thinking very clearly.
Sterek by sterekhoran
Sterekby LiteraryScorpio
Everything's the same except on that every first night in the woods it wasn't Scott that was bitten, it was Stiles. Like what Peter said it could have just as well have...