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THE BIGGEST MISTAKE  by Erinwrites17
Jordan and Ayden have known eachother since they where babies so it was no shock to there parents and family when the two started dating and later got married. Ayden is...
i can't stay mad at you by mooniesv
i can't stay mad at youby me
miles has anger issues. olivia loves to push him. they fall in love anyways.
Love, Nadiyah by Noah_Bluee
Love, Nadiyahby Chimaa
"This, us, all of it was a mistake!" My breathing comes to a halt, as my brain fails to process his words. "Mason you don't mean that" My voice plead...
The Rogue Assassin (Mafia Love Story) by FathimaShif
The Rogue Assassin (Mafia Love Sto...by LiveLove
I am John, an assassin. It is fair to say I am one of the ruthless killers the world has ever seen. I am dangerous, merciless and everything bad. So it isn't arrogant wh...
(Billionaire Playboy) A Flower in Heaven - Zahra by FathimaShif
(Billionaire Playboy) A Flower in...by LiveLove
My name is Stuart John.I am rich. No, I am filthy rich. I am arrogant and handsome. I am always one step ahead of the game. The world revolve around me. Governments fear...
The girl that Caught my eye by lovelex19
The girl that Caught my eyeby 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐱𝟏𝟗
Her curly brown hair shimmering in the sun light showing of everything inch her her beautiful round face as she dances around her bedroom. She so perfect in every way. T...
The Butler and I (BWWM)✔ by judelineclenord
The Butler and I (BWWM)✔by Joude🇭🇹
He walks up to me and stares at me. He then grabs my waist and slams his lips into mine. He pulls away slowly, he connects our foreheads, our nose touching. I could hear...
Emilio by indixq
Emilioby indixq
Alexia catches her boyfriend and bestfriend of 5 years in bed together. She has a life changing accident that changes her life. She is forced to live with the devil hims...
The Thin Line In Between by midnightwinters
The Thin Line In Betweenby 🌈Imagination🌈
Liyana is a Smart, Outspoken and Confident person who takes nothing from anybody. She attends school at Falls High School where she goes to school with Dallas. Dallas is...
The Good Girl and the Bad boy (BWWM)  by chixtape
The Good Girl and the Bad boy (BWW...by chixtape
Jordyn the new Good girl in Midfield High everyone got their Eye on but there is one who caught her Eye. James. "You know what drives me Crazy?" He asked me. ...
butterflies can't see their wings by CDPStories
butterflies can't see their wingsby 👸🏾
Lili has always has considered herself a caterpillar. With heartbreak, broken friendships, and the boy next door, she'll learn she's always been a butterfly. ⬇️ EXCERPT...
Little Secret by JunnsLife
Little Secretby Junn’s Life
roman follows rules and has had straight As throughout his whole school life and is about to get the biggest opportunity of his life. he doesn't do anything wrong ever b...
Play the Game Boy (BWWM) by contaminant
Play the Game Boy (BWWM)by nickiyears
Faith Tristens despises the color orange, going to the movies and Brendan Wenthward with a burning passion. Why, you ask? Well, The first one is way too flashy, the seco...
In the Arms of an Angel.. by FathimaShif
In the Arms of an Angel..by LiveLove
What if one has everything one want in life? Looks, money, influence, power, women and almost everything one want in life? Well, yea, then it will make one more arrogant...
FOREVER |bwwm| by kloox1x1
FOREVER |bwwm|by kloox1x1
Two polar opposites best friends discover the true feelings that they have for each other. I mean, Who knew that opposites would attract? "She was my best friend...
what about love by lytasia1314
what about loveby lytasia1314
a black teenage girl is going to work for this rich white family to pay for college the following year and the son of the rich white family is a obnoxious, selfish, jerk...
My Unexpected Luna (BWWM) by love_Reign
My Unexpected Luna (BWWM)by love_Reign
Abella Bayerd is a 18 year old African American girl. She is outspoken, independent, and Feisty. Most of all she is a Werewolf. She is apart of the New Moon pack and her...
𝖬𝖤𝖫𝖵𝖡𝖱𝖮𝖪𝖤 𝖱𝖮𝖠𝖣.  | Original Story by Blkmail
EDITING IN PROCESS ✍🏽. . . Sonya Marie is a Twenty-one year old woman who works as a bartender at 'The Drunken Paradise.' She wasn't the one to get involved with the pe...
Love in the Dark by chubbyalejandra
Love in the Darkby Alejandra Wilson
Can demons love? It isn't a question most people ask because most people don't encounter demons. But for 23 year old Lyla, this question has been burnt into her mind eve...
The roomate(interracial story, BWWM) by lytasia1314
The roomate(interracial story, BWW...by lytasia1314
Leya(black) is engaged to William(black) they have not yet moved in together and leya is struggling with her bills and William doesn't have the kind of money to help her...