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𝖬𝖤𝖫𝖵𝖡𝖱𝖮𝖪𝖤 𝖱𝖮𝖠𝖣.  | Original Story by Blkmail
EDITING IN PROCESS ✍🏽. . . Sonya Marie is a Twenty-one year old woman who works as a bartender at 'The Drunken Paradise.' She wasn't the one to get involved with the pe...
You Were Always Mine by Hansesbonita
You Were Always Mineby Hansesbonita
Carter Grayson is a handsome but awkward 18 year old. His boyish charms, dark red hair, and blue eyes are enough to make any girl swoon, and they do. If it wasn't for hi...
Tough Love by daviyaw
Tough Loveby daviyaw
What's it like having the Toughest Meanest guy In school fall in love with you? It's a little like having some Tough Love
Love, Nadiyah by Noah_Bluee
Love, Nadiyahby Chimaa
"This, us, all of it was a mistake!" My breathing comes to a halt, as my brain fails to process his words. "Mason you don't mean that" My voice plead...
My Teacher Found My Puppy by OneFnger_2wrds
My Teacher Found My Puppyby Avii
Eighteen year old Keisha Johnson was a shy student never really talked to anyone except her bestfriend Riley. What happens when twenty two year old Jake Rider decides to...
Clouding My Judgement by Lightblue44
Clouding My Judgementby Lightblue44
[Completed] Book 1 in The 'Three Words' Series - A/N I know this book isn't written the best and low-key cringe, it was one of my first, sorry. Naomi is a 18 year old u...
My Summer Love by Hansesbonita
My Summer Loveby Hansesbonita
(COMPLETED) Reina Smith is a 17 year old black girl who has never had a boyfriend or even been kissed for that matter. When she goes to spend the summer in Florida with...
Bruises (BWWM) by contaminant
Bruises (BWWM)by nickiyears
"She was the healing to my bruises. And for that, Tamra Remway was my silver lining." Tamra never thought she'd become so involved into being Ben Sutters' wors...
He loves chocolate (BWWM) by lovely0215
He loves chocolate (BWWM)by lovely0215
She is an average 12th grader just trying to get through the year with out any drama or fights and all of that type of stuff, and smoke her weed. He is the 12th grader w...
Oh Well by keenwahtofu
Oh Wellby keenwahtofu
Girl goes to a party and gets some dick :)
Her white nerd by sam_heart
Her white nerdby sam_heart
Samayah is the only girl on the basketball team. She gets a lot of people trying to be her friend, but it's hard to get into her little circle of friends. David is a ner...
A Man For Mommy (BWWM) by OneFnger_2wrds
A Man For Mommy (BWWM)by Avii
Twenty-five year old Destiny Jameson lives alone with her six year old daughter Elizabeth after the man she thought loved her left after she broke the news to him that s...
Marcus Lopez x Y/N one shots by hastiings
Marcus Lopez x Y/N one shotsby Asha Malfoy
Each chapter is a different mini story and will contain sensitive topics but I will let you know at the start of the story. Fluff and Smut included 😋. Also the spell...
Foreign Objects by lovemestranded
Foreign Objectsby 愛❤
Status: ongoing (updates every Saturday @ 5pm uk time) Jeremiah is the last person Dee should be friends with - after all, he broke her best friend's heart. But when bot...
The Butler and I (BWWM)✔ by judelineclenord
The Butler and I (BWWM)✔by Joude🇭🇹
He walks up to me and stares at me. He then grabs my waist and slams his lips into mine. He pulls away slowly, he connects our foreheads, our nose touching. I could hear...
The Rogue Assassin (Mafia Love Story) by FathimaShif
The Rogue Assassin (Mafia Love Sto...by LiveLove
I am John, an assassin. It is fair to say I am one of the ruthless killers the world has ever seen. I am dangerous, merciless and everything bad. So it isn't arrogant wh...
Catching Feelings [bwwm] by thatkiddari
Catching Feelings [bwwm]by allie
C O M P L E T E D ☼ Book 2 ☼ - catch·ing feel·ings beginning to like someone romantically, but usually unexpectedly - Remember your favorite spitfire Mia? Wel...
Hopeless Honey by greenbitch18
Hopeless Honeyby greenbitch18
A girl learns the difference between being happy and being rich and is taught by an unhappy rich boy.
Best Interracial Stories on Wattpad by InevitablyMe
Best Interracial Stories on Wattpadby InevitablyMe
Are you looking for the best of the best interracial books to read on wattpad? Well look no further here you will find amazing, well written interracial love stories. I...
𝐓𝐄𝐄𝐍 𝐌𝐔𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐒 18+ [bwwm] on hold by raesired
𝐓𝐄𝐄𝐍 𝐌𝐔𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐒 18+ [bwwm]...by 𝐑𝐀𝐄𝐋𝐎𝐆𝐘
Aurora Bolis is a seventeen-year-old girl whose life seemingly took a tragic turn when she ended up burning her house and her foster parents at the age of 10. She grew...