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YULLOVA: The Revolution of the Realms by FinestSage
YULLOVA: The Revolution of the Rea...by 세이즈
The world of Yullova is on the brink of destruction because the energies that gives life to it lost its balance brought by the greedy aims of the evil realm alliance. Th...
No Man's Right: Thicker Than Blood by KEYTARAAA
No Man's Right: Thicker Than Bloodby Kitara Stewart
Rollo is an Orphan who doesn't understand his place in the world of magnificent beings who can wield the elements. When he goes to school and realises that he is one of...
The Dragon's Gift by Red-Quill
The Dragon's Giftby RedQuill
Phoenix was just a normal teenager trying to live life. When he decides to join the army, he meets his best friend, Kai. Soon, the only thing they are sure of is their f...
Fantasy World Online II: Second Chance by KarineMazouzi
Fantasy World Online II: Second Ch...by KarineMazouzi
The second wave of dive game produced by RetroGame is out and Thousands are determined to become their legend! Second Chance is one of them. It centers around a brocken...
Sheer Cold by FlowerBlueNutella
Sheer Coldby FlowerBlueNutella
In a world of isolated kingdoms, what can one banished girl do to save the world from her own nation? Especially when she has to face those with powers that she could ne...
Life in the Flames by MorganKnox
Life in the Flamesby Morgan Knox
Alonia is the final water wielder of her tribe. After her people are attacked she is taken to the fire kingdom where, through her eyes, she lives in a life of chains unt...
Wolfy Twin Trouble! by louiseheroin
Wolfy Twin Trouble!by louiseheroin
What's worse then being a twin teenage werewolf, being a twin fire wielding teenage werewolf. With a sassy electric wielding werewolf twin. Life for Catalina and Katlin...
Wielding Stars | Wattys2015 | On Hold by Brayden2018
Wielding Stars | Wattys2015 | On H...by Brayden Ortman
[ #82 in Short Story - 11/06/2015 ] *This is going to be awesome nearing the 20th part where things start to make sense and the story comes together! A poetic love story...
Wielding Chronicles: Heart Chapter 1: System Engage by KrystCyclone
Wielding Chronicles: Heart Chapter...by Nicholas Chua
Year 3560. A new world and new threats which may cause the downfall of humanity. With the humans unable to reproduce nor age, this could be the final generation of human...