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Corrupted Attack by iamGrethell
Corrupted Attackby wiideletedyou_fanpage
Sam is at a regular shift at an electronic store after the other store she was working at turned into a Wendy's, until someone attempts to attack the electronic store an...
A WDY AU: The love potion (REMAKE) by Wiideletedyourmum
A WDY AU: The love potion (REMAKE)by Wiideletedyourmum
Just as Austin is about to get his final revenge, Sam somehow cracks the code to something someone made a very long time ago..
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Wii Deleted You: REMISSION (AU) by divinesolarity_
Wii Deleted You: REMISSION (AU)by jack
A better version of a previous story I've written. Was on AO3, but I orphaned it.
-g̷l̷itCh̷y̷ l̷̷Ov̷e- Austin/Corrupted Mii x Reader by TheMarionette79
-g̷l̷itCh̷y̷ l̷̷Ov̷e- Austin/Corru...by Thepuppet
As a teenager, you always LOVED video games. Especially Nintendo. The more and more you grew, the more you wanted to work for your childhood company! That day finally...
EteledxAustin (NOSMUT) by SUG3RSW33T_H0P3
There's no smut in this put maybe a little touchy touch or something every art I post on this story is not mine so please don't ask me if I made it. (I will put a headin...
Skit- & Transcripts by _PaintTheSky_
Skit- & Transcriptsby 🎨Paint 🖌
Some stuff I made in school or at home
Wii are horny (Austeled smut-shots) by Wiideletedyourmum
Wii are horny (Austeled smut-shots)by Wiideletedyourmum
Gay horny stuff WHY DO YALL LIKE THIS? I mean, thank you :) BUT WHY. Y'all are some horny mf's Tysm for 1k reads <33
Austeled one-shots by Wiideletedyourmum
Austeled one-shotsby Wiideletedyourmum
Gay miis Enemiis to lovers If anyone wants to make something inspired by me, go ahead :) (but credit would be appreciated 🙂) 6K FUCKING READS?!?! NO ACTUAL WAY. TYSMMMM...
Kyle and Nathan's Movie Night (WDY) by kyletheauthorslashj
Kyle and Nathan's Movie Night (WDY)by Kyle
Characters from Wii Deleted You Characters are not mine. Also because of no motivation, there's a chance this story will suck
UHM YEAH Austin Sanders/Corrupted Mii x Reader by KamiIsASimp
UHM YEAH Austin Sanders/Corrupted...by Kami
WHY ARE YOU ALL ADDING THIS TO YOUR LISTS KSNZMZLSKZNKSLSMDNM title is temporary ofc idk I'm just a simp I mean,,, it's in my username hahahahahah the story's gonna be...
Eteled x Austin (Aka Corrupted Mii) (OLD GO READ THE REMAKE) by ComicMaker053
Eteled x Austin (Aka Corrupted Mii...by Valérie
This might have some smut. And this is probably gonna be so freaking cringe 🙁. And also, none of the art used in this book is mine so credits to the original creators o...
The Infection by JustACorruptedMii
The Infectionby evomeR
The year is 2031, or that's what Sam and the other 5 thinks. "So what happened within those 15 years?" You may ask, well my friends, the answer is simple. An o...
a WDY story [ Ft. Y/N ] [ a Eteled X Austin ship ]  by SpadesnAce
a WDY story [ Ft. Y/N ] [ a Eteled...by Ace
my first story I guess AAAAAA [ ART ISN'T MINE! IT BELONGS TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS ! ] 0 plot. Just story.
Corrupted Minds by MiaMarieCookie
Corrupted Mindsby MiaMarieCookie
It's been a while since the whole "Eteled" incident, and Sam still misses him. But is seems that something, or rather, someone, wants her to...forget. Cover ar...
WDY: Forgiveness (AU) by divinesolarity_
WDY: Forgiveness (AU)by jack
Go read Wii Deleted You: REMISSION this book has too many flaws and that one has a far better story that makes more sense. Here's a link! https://www.wattpad.com/story...
 The Sam and Eteled Spinoff (A Wii Deleted You AU) by QuietWriter13
The Sam and Eteled Spinoff (A Wii...by QuietWriter13
What would happen if the Wii- somehow- stopped melting after the deletion of the Corrupted mii? Well, a lot of things end up happening after that... (I started this sto...
Some art of mine (and random things) #3 by QuietWriter13
Some art of mine (and random thing...by QuietWriter13
same as the last- drawings and ideas, what else did you expect...? I post my art here (and a drabble or two every now and again), when I don't feel like or have the moti...
Wii Deleted You Book Part 4 by PowerToLePotatoYEET
Wii Deleted You Book Part 4by Weed-kun
Wii deleted You crap by yuckybarfz
Wii deleted You crapby stanley
I lost my last account. Anyways .-.