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Reborn In Marvel With 5 Wishes by 0934xxcaptain
Reborn In Marvel With 5 Wishesby 0934xxcaptain
story of a soldier Leonard who died saving a little girls life . After death he meets good who grants him 5 wishes ( mentioned in title😋).
My New Life by Jackel02Z
My New Lifeby Maddie
Never had the boy expected that he would die, he never imagined he would meet a God. Well, here comes the new Bakugou Katsuki. With his unusual quirks, he will take the...
Regret by InfiniteStory10
Regretby ♥ MASTERMIND ♥
[EDITING] Growing up together, Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng become inseperable. The classic trope of childhood best friends. Expectedly, Marinette takes a r...
Anime Gamer in One Piece by Gilgamesh-simp
Anime Gamer in One Pieceby Gilgamesh-simp
An otaku gets reincarnated in One Piece after saving a boy from death. He is allowed 3 wishes
Wishes (A Camren Story) by iloveyou1234566
Wishes (A Camren Story)by Ashley
FIRST BOOK IN THE WISHES SERIES Everyone at Miami High is obsessed with Camila Cabello except for Lauren Jauregui. To Lauren, Camila is just an ordinary student. That al...
🧞‍♂️Aladdin and Y/n- Arabian Nights and Days🧞‍♀️ by AshleyGryffindor
🧞‍♂️Aladdin and Y/n- Arabian Nigh...by AshleyGryffindor
Aladdin and Y/n were two notorious street rats of Agrabah's streets. As young children they had lost their mother to sickness and their father vanished when they were bo...
The Rest is Riddles by CMF_Wright
The Rest is Riddlesby C.M.F. Wright
[COMPLETE] Straight-A student Jane Huang cares only about acing her classes and graduating college... until a terrifying encounter with an otherworldly monster plunges h...
Beautiful Mistake  (Vol I) |✔️ by -Nitasha
Beautiful Mistake (Vol I) |✔️by 👑-Nitasha 👑
Gener: Romance, Drama and Spritiual Story of Hudhayfah and Hunza who got married in their childhood. Meet Hunza: Hunza Ameen got married to her father's best friend's...
reborn as riser Phoenix by syrusStar
reborn as riser Phoenixby syrusStar
Died and reincarnated as riser with a few wishes follow the new riser has he enjoys this new world and fucking with a few perverts P.s I don't own images used
Crush Imagines |  by indiscreetly_ashamed
Crush Imagines | by indiscreetly_ashamed
✨10/2/16-Book reached #125 in teen fiction. 5/9/18- #1 in keepreading & #4 in lovely Imagines created for your enjoyment :) Like, comment and vote! This book is not to...
10:10 | Hoshi by ahndniel
10:10 | Hoshiby Change Up
"Who the hell are you?!" "I'm Hoshi, you?" In which Hoshi is a genie that appears everyday at 10:10. Started: July 25, 2016 Updates from : October...
Genie In A Bottle || JJK √ by iiSnowflake04ii
Genie In A Bottle || JJK √by Snow
"If you wanna be with me Baby, there's a price to pay I'm a genie in a bottle You gotta ask me the right way If you wanna be with me I can make your wish come true ...
NIGHTMARES are DREAMS too(Yandere male x reader) by Silv3rDIAmond
NIGHTMARES are DREAMS too(Yandere...by міиі
(Y/N), a girl who enjoys her dream land but it turns into something horrible called nightmares. A certain boy constantly appears in every nightmare. Why is that? What ha...
Aladdin (1992) Movie x Sister! Reader by ShiraFangirl
Aladdin (1992) Movie x Sister! Rea...by ShiraFangirl
Common thief Aladdin and his common hardworking sister Y/N are cunned by Jafar into stealing a lamp from the Cave of Wonders that was home to an all powerful Genie, only...
My Lucky Star || Bennett by Fuukami
My Lucky Star || Bennettby Currently Unactivate
Asking for company in my loneliest time, you come like a star falling down from the sky. Author: if your reading this in Teenfic net. IM SURE GOING TO BE ANGRY AND DELET...
 Divine Wish System for Total Domain Domination (All-field Godly Wish System)  by kisses_Koh
Divine Wish System for Total Doma...by LuckyKoi
*N0TM!N£* For Offline Purpose Only Credit to the Author&Translator(s) From:MTLNovel.com ****** Ding, you help the ants carry food, the wish value is +1 bit, you have the...
Wishes (Aladdin Fanfic) by infinitebluewave
Wishes (Aladdin Fanfic)by skye
"If it wasn't for this WISHES, I wouldn't meet the most beautiful, smart, kind, and thoughtful genie in the world."
Wishes | ✔️ by Lauren_Chow
Wishes | ✔️by Lauren Chow
A girl with a heart of gold, beauty, and grace. Not to mention a dragon as a pet. What could possibly be wrong? Probably the fact she's trapped inside a lamp. ________...
Her Unfulfilled Desires by Zeinab_Bhudookan
Her Unfulfilled Desiresby BBNZ
A young girl, ever since her childhood Ziya has been desiring about an ordinary life like others. Having a husband, children, house, car and be happy. She used to live a...
1000 Paper Cranes by PRAdams
1000 Paper Cranesby Paul Randall
Jordan Johnson is your average high school student. He is average in every way from his brown hair and brown eyes to his very mundane existence. His two friends, Joanna...