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UnderWitch- Female Frisk and Chara X MaleReader X Betty [Discontinued] by Possibly-a-Unique_Na
UnderWitch- Female Frisk and Chara...by ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•
<<Art Cover is not mine>> <<I don't own Undertale or Glitchtale or UnderEvil Characters>> **This will be about an Alternate Timeline in Undertale...
Eio by MorningMaize
Eioby Mr. Jones
The First Book in the Eio Series and the First Book in the Wormwood Saga In 2032, a cosmic event caused a star to crash into America and send a wave of auroras all over...
Dragon Bait by NeverAndForAlways
Dragon Baitby NeverAndForAlways
When former friends and neighbors come to put her Mother on trial for being a witch, seventeen year old Kira must flee. And not flee just anywhere, but to The Forest, fr...
The Viking Curse by FeatherBeingBlown
The Viking Curseby FeatherBeingBlown
"Some curses are the price of a wrong choice. Others are born out of jealousy of man. In my experience, it is the ones that begin as quite promises of love and hope...
The day by minysweetcake36
The dayby Minysweet
Venting,breathing, and living in lies. Y/n is going to a new school will you fall into the darkness and be swallowed alive or prevail even with the worst outcome.
The bound witch by karmawic
The bound witchby karmawic
Thank you for reading I would love to hear any helpful feedback!!! It's my first book so I know I will have a lot to edit and fix so please don't be to harsh on me. I wi...
THE WITCH HUNT🐞🐱 by SaayeshaAgarwal
THE WITCH HUNT🐞🐱by Saayesha Agarwal
This story is inspired by a song named witch hunt ( miraculous Ver.) . Based on the anscestors of the anime MIRACULOUS LADYBUG. it contains a story of a young witch who...
Burn the witch by SirePentious
Burn the witchby hana Peil
A diary of a young woman in 1694, aint talking in the old english though :P
Dead Inside by RockNRollGospels214
Dead Insideby RockNRollGospels214
(ONE-SHOT) Imagine that on a hunt a witch casts a spell on you, putting you in a deep coma. The only way to save you is if one of the boys gets inside your head and slap...
May god bless this town of juniper by zoemaness
May god bless this town of juniperby zoemaness
After the the death of the evil witch the curse was sealed. And could another one stop the evil curse or will they die by the hands of a witch
Call It A Witch Hunt (Short Book of Love, Monsters and Magic.) by Winter_Is_Coming
Call It A Witch Hunt (Short Book o...by Louise
The Avengers send Loki back to Asgard in chains and now it is time for him to face justice as Odin All Father sees fit to do so. A punishment that Loki certainly has not...
It's Different Without Sam by Urbanlegend_26
It's Different Without Samby Urban Legend Lover
When on a hunt for a witch, something tragic happens. What will happen? Read to find out!
Adele by xXEcho_Xx
Adeleby xXEcho_Xx
A battle between a vampire, a human, and a witch. This novel dwells into the deep romance and betrayal of friends and enemies. Enemies to lovers some may say! Will Elain...
The Hunter's Game by Moonlight-blade
The Hunter's Gameby Kevin Cross
Humans and creatures of the night have been at each others necks for long centuries. Hundreds have died on both sides. Now it seems, the breaking point has been reached...
Broken and unturned by misteryartiste827
Broken and unturnedby Pablo
The torture of some, the burning of others, and the execution of many were not common in the village of Dakona. However the people of the village took to it very easily...
Anthurium (Completed) by MissCandy-Apples
Anthurium (Completed)by Elspeth Aagaard
Marabella, Damion, and Alexander have been alive for centuries and have seen what the war between vampires and witches had lead to. thousands dead on both sides. Vampire...
Ugly. by deesstiny__
Ugly.by Destiny Maurice
Imagine growing up ugly without knowing it. What could possibly be so bad about that? Well read to find out.