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It's Love {larry stylinson} by liamoverboard
It's Love {larry stylinson}by liamoverboard
Louis Tomlinson has fallen hard-- for his best mate Harry Styles. Louis has been hiding his feelings for months, but suddenly his lies are beginning to crumble. Caught i...
My Stupid Heart by bear8tea
My Stupid Heartby Sky
(BoyXBoy) Why did I have to go and fall for him?
Abuse (Carl grimes gay fanfiction) by Imlostinthewoods
Abuse (Carl grimes gay fanfiction)by I'mlostinthewoods
As Adam try's to cope with his abusive mother and his little brother. At his failed attempt to run away he is caught by a special group of survivors of the apocalypse h...
Ridiculousness (Aus Edition) by psycho-chair
Ridiculousness (Aus Edition)by Ultimate Kross Enjoyer
Ask book time, bitches. IT'S BACK BITCHES GET YOUR QUESTIONS IN BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE This includes all the bad guys, star sans, and maybe some of my ocs :3 lets ge...
5th artbook 🫡🫡 by -xoAidanz
5th artbook 🫡🫡by aids
temporary cover lmaooo plspslsplsplsplspls why do I makng deleting these
Sex Jokes 101 by YoshIsNotHere
Sex Jokes 101by =w=;
This is a book of perverted jokes So read at your risk of you innocent people. While we have those people with Sexy imaginations ;)
Starscream's Little Vermin  by SakuraSparkz
Starscream's Little Vermin by AlwaysAbsent
Young inventor Wendilyn Jenson is about to have her world flipped in ways never thought possible when she encounters ex-Commander Starscream. What was first a pitiful ex...
An account of my journey in life and through Christ. Not really sure how this is gonna go but here. It might go for a few months or a few years. But one thing is for sur...
Minicat fanfics (and others) by AttackonTokyo
Minicat fanfics (and others)by H2NoCrzy
These are multiple bbs stories of ships and whatnot. Not just Minicat lol. Enjoy. Requests are open.
Living it Big Time ~ A Big Time Rush Fan Fiction :{) by immaRUSHER05
Living it Big Time ~ A Big Time Ru...by amelia
Nathalie has spent years dreaming about anything and everything about her favourite band, Big Time Rush. When her dad receives a job at Paramount Studios in America, she...
Human/neko! Grinny x Neko! reader  by zanvis_is_cool
Human/neko! Grinny x Neko! reader by S H O R K C H I L D
Heheheheh heheheheh heheheheh heheheheh heheheheh heheheheh heheheheh heheheheh heheheheh
Random Things by PhantomGolen
Random Thingsby PhantomGolen
Random stuff will just be posted here XD
The Fake Friend by CrazyForFoodOnly
The Fake Friendby •Zuwehh•
We all have that one friend, suspiciously being nice to you, gets really friendly then uses and lies to you weather you like it or not... Melissa Skye, a girl who moved...
Marvel x Reader by TheLionGuard
Marvel x Readerby Liana R.
So I'm currently working on this. I'm almost done with the first one. I've been reading other peoples x reader books to get ideas. If you guys want me to do any characte...
Warrior Cats Chat Room by tenderboogers
Warrior Cats Chat Roomby tenderboogers
Ever wondered how warrior cats text? This is their private chat Room! (They might hate me for this)
Amaya's Artbook! by AmayaMia33445
Amaya's Artbook!by AmayaDrawsThings
I'm an okie drawer and I figured sense I can't keep up with and actual story I should at least be able to keep up with this, hopefully atleast.
DaveKat  by Meow_Fishes-3-
DaveKat by Meow_Fishes-3-
I decided todo some DaveKat...as you can clearly see...so yea...enjoy?
Book Of Thy Random by Rxted_XXX
Book Of Thy Randomby Rxted_XXX (on hiatus {of such...
Pretty self explanatory but here you go; A book about random things such as: -> RP characters -> Rants (?) -> Other Random things -> Stuff like that (P.S:...