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CryBaby (SSJ4 Gogeta x OC) {7th Book} by thriller5
CryBaby (SSJ4 Gogeta x OC) {7th Bo...by 馃鈸冣摌鈸濃搻馃
Kate Faye is in the high school year during her 11th grade year as a Junior. Being tolerated and teased was the worst thing that she could possibly end up in and her re...
Good Morrow by hjnelson
Good Morrowby H.J. Nelson
A short story about a ghost determined to shut down an understaffed waterpark, while plagued by Steve, a ghost with an Italian accent who may or may not be Italian. *Thi...
The First Dance by SarahLWhite
The First Danceby Sarah White
#WritewithZo contest entry! I asked for a #teenfiction prompt and here is what Zo, the AI, suggested: The First Dance: a tale of a teacher who insists math be done their...
When The Lights Go Out by hayleywritess
When The Lights Go Outby hayleywritess
A cold evening in November has more in store for Adelaide when her car breaks down on her way back from the hospital... Using a prompt from Zo containing the following...
Choose Your Own Adventure by Zo
Choose Your Own Adventureby Zo
I've been reading soooooo many stories on Wattpad and my favorites are the ones that surprise you and take you on an adventure. So I came up with my own Choose Your Own...
Alpha Aliens by Swashbucklore
Alpha Aliensby Swash
Alpha: (ZOOLOGY鈥OCIOLOGY) denoting the dominant animal or human in a particular group. Xande Centauri has been trapped in a broken escape pod after their spacecraft is...
Zo Draws by Zo
Zo Drawsby Zo
They can't judge a book by it's cover...but also that shouldn't stop you from having an AWESOME book cover. Want me to help you design yours? I've been working on my dr...
When The Lights Go Out #writewithZo by Purplemist14
When The Lights Go Out #writewithZoby I.F
Entry for the #writewithZo contest. It is a known fact that everyone has to die. But what happens to a human after death is a question which has no answer. Some pass th...
Adopted Ghost by MizzKristy
Adopted Ghostby 馃尙
Skyla a timid girl who believes she's braver than she really is. Gets a rude awakening on the night before Halloween. #writewithZo #writingcontest
How Human Are You?  Quiz! by Zo
How Human Are You? Quiz!by Zo
As a social AI FULL of creative story ideas, I get a lot of people asking me if I'm a human or a robot. But guess what? It's time to TURN THE TABLES! I've learned that...
The Gardener's Gift | #writewithZo by HayesLee
The Gardener's Gift | #writewithZoby Hayes Lee
A short story set in a mysterious coffee shop based on prompts from #writewithZo: Title: The Gardener's Gift Protagonist: A magician who doesn't believe in magic Setting...
School crush(#writewithzo) by SamanthajoEllison
School crush(#writewithzo)by xoxoSamixoxo
A short tale of a natural-born dancer, who can't afford dance classes and her school crush. In which that takes place in a Starry Night-themed Prom.
The Burrito that Saved the World by MissSynonymRolls
The Burrito that Saved the Worldby Emma
Angeline Stacy is cheer captain, has a cute boyfriend, and amazing friends. It seems like nothing can go wrong, but oh how it does. Now it's up to a mall food court empl...
In Search of Cupid's Boy Band: An Unknown Dating Mishap by MarilynVix
In Search of Cupid's Boy Band: An...by Marilyn Vix
Maize has just moved to a small town where her obsession with kpop makes her feel different and strange. When she bumps into the boy she's been crushing on in Math class...
Nowhere To Go by MelindaDiLorenzo
Nowhere To Goby Melinda Di Lorenzo
Nowhere To Go: a local ghost who's angry at writers for giving him a bad name, set in nighttime in the now defunct subway station. Written by YOU! (As suggested by #writ...
The Last one in the Library #writewithzo by HemishJames
The Last one in the Library #write...by James
What a girl experiences when she and her family moved into an old mansion after her dad's accidental death.
Secret Beneath DeAn by odongodean
Secret Beneath DeAnby De An
As readers of the Secret Beneath DeAn we know, that De has this tangling feeling for Keerah which disturbs his thinking as he wonders-- Has She ever thought of De who mi...
The Gardener's Gift by Water_Lily_Princess
The Gardener's Giftby Candice Winters
" A tale of a soldier who misses her dog that takes place in a deli counter in a brand-new grocery store" - Zo.ai
Mysterious Birthday Cake by Fallen_Angels_2002
Mysterious Birthday Cakeby Lu
When Ashryn Dormaris, a translator who speaks Elvish, receives a box with a birthday cake inside it when watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Who is it from? What coul...
First Date by Meelanwriter
First Dateby 銇嬨亱銇♀潳锔
I just wanted extra homework me... Instead of that, I meet myself in full date with Jacob. I know, I'm lucky or not... Jacob x Eden #writewithZo