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☆~Starberries Caused Us~☆ | Tara Yummy by happyhusky22
☆~Starberries Caused Us~☆ | Tara Y...by happyhusky22
Sam's little sister just went through a terrible break up, what happens when she goes over to Sam's apartment to get some strawberries?
Bad Taste (Part I)  // Colby Brock by FanOfColbyNOTACreep
Bad Taste (Part I) // Colby Brockby KiwiT
Unrealistic Fanfiction ~ Vampires ~going through minor editing~ Rebecca Woods thinks that love, lust, and romance don't exist. Or, at the very least, they don't keep the...
pumpkin // c. brock by -TARAYUMMY
pumpkin // c. brockby 𝓢.
your childhood best friend, tara moves across the country and becomes famous. she gets a friend group that you only socialize with over the internet. you don't get to me...
Vampires Rule // Colby Brock by FanOfColbyNOTACreep
Vampires Rule // Colby Brockby KiwiT
~~ Unrealistic fanfiction ~~ At the age of 21, Lydia Drake has a lot going for her. Moving to LA to be with her best friend, Tara, she had a job lined up, some cash, and...
𝕊𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕥 ℝ𝕙𝕪𝕞𝕖, 𝕊𝕞𝕠𝕠𝕥𝕙 ℝ𝕙𝕪𝕥𝕙𝕞𝕤 - An Aryia X Reader Story by Lyra_Lonewolf
𝕊𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕥 ℝ𝕙𝕪𝕞𝕖, 𝕊𝕞𝕠𝕠𝕥𝕙...by Lyra_Lonewolf
After reconnecting with an old friend, Y/N realizes that the feelings she had a year ago weren't just friendly, but something more entirely. What starts off as her talki...
Chosen by traphouse_dead
Chosenby Traphouse_dead
After living a hard life, she reconnected with someone from her past and makes some new unexpected friends, and maybe something more... #1 in Samandcolby #3 in traphouse...
Traphouse imagines by shroomtheodore
Traphouse imaginesby theodore
Hi! This is going to be a book filled with imagines of the traphouse and friend group! Basically, if you want to request something, all you have to do is comment what pr...
Trap house + Friends Imagine(discontinued) by Lunarwritesthings
Trap house + Friends Imagine(disco...by Lunar
The title says it all. BUT! This will include Nate Hardy & Seth Borden. I find nate really cool and he is attractive. I'm adding Seth for a friend of mine. she know who...
stranger friends gifs by tomhollandquackson
stranger friends gifsby <3
gif imagines for the stranger friends (trap house/ trap girls/ krac house).
Traphouse/Slaphouse texts by Doin_random_stuff
Traphouse/Slaphouse textsby Doin_random_stuff
Welcome everyone to the group chats this book includes -Colby Brock🖤 -Sam Golbach👻 -Katrina Stuart💖 -Corey Scherer😂 -Devyn Lundy👑 -Aaron Doh💭 -Elton Castee🗺️ -Xep...
Stripper Girlfriend? by sncfanficsonly124
Stripper Girlfriend?by No body
this is a mainly Kelsey POV story but there are parts that are Colby POV
C/B The Night We Met SMUT(Not Completed)  by sammyandcolber
C/B The Night We Met SMUT(Not Comp...by Kendra Shackelford
I've been lost my whole life, searching for a purpose, being a tattoo artist and a specialty in singing. I never thought I'd meet someone that would treat me like I mea...
imagines ~ cb by bbxplr
imagines ~ cbby bbxplr
just a book with different imagines ... requests are open !! #38 in colby 01/11/20
✧ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇʟɪᴛᴇ ✧ - DISCONTINUED by -TARAYUMMY
✧ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇʟɪᴛᴇ ✧ - DISCONTINUEDby 𝓢.
DO NOT READ DESCRIPTION IF YOU HAVENT FINISHED PUMPKIN (the first book) - - - after ava's biggest secret gets exposed and she struggles with her relationships with other...
Colby brock ⇾O N E S H O T S ⇽ by HarleeNotFound
Colby brock ⇾O N E S H O T S ⇽by YouRMomsA$$
I hope you enjoy 😊 if you don't like smut or self harm or harsh words this isn't the book for you ⚠️
euphoria • colby brock by demiebrock
euphoria • colby brockby 𝓢✨
"and although she had never been in a relationship, or even in, like, love, she imagined spending the rest of her life with him" -euphoria WARNING: this story...
Traphouse One-Shots by Shadow_Peoples
Traphouse One-Shotsby Shadow_People
This book will include ships from the traphouse. The following people will be in this book. -Sam -Colby -Jake -Corey -Elton -Aaron -Katrina -Tara -Devyn -Xepher -Reggie ...
The Alley Way by bubba_cole
The Alley Wayby bubba_cole
A Little girl wandering the streets after being abandoned get found by two men and a women.
Sam and Colby Imagines by gxldensmiless
Sam and Colby Imaginesby Smiles
These are just a bunch of imagines I create about Sam and Colby. There will be the some of their friends in there too. (Please give me ideas!!)