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Survival  by Arainafanficreader
Survival by Arainafanficreader
Lilly was a normal woman she worked at a daycare and was an ex-marine. She wasn't married or in a relationship. But what happens one day when she was walking home and he...
Isekai !?!?! to AVP universe?  by Shisageek86
Isekai !?!?! to AVP universe? by
Ever have a shit day? One that you wish you could disappear from this world and never look back. Well be careful what you wish for ...Paya is always watching. Waiting fo...
Another World :Yautja x Oc Lemon by MsChomperTheChomp
Another World :Yautja x Oc Lemonby JarOfDirtGang
Malin Jane is sent alongside a military force to study a captured creature some call "The Predator". As she is studying the alien being, she is met with terro...
Human Or Yautja, It Doesn't Matter. by KitsuneJinx
Human Or Yautja, It Doesn't Matter.by Candy Monster
Kelly works for her father at his company, she is trained in Biology and Genetics which is why she was hired. Her father calls one late afternoon to sends her out on a r...
Fight, Flight, or Gut You Like A Fish?  by wowthatsalotofdamage
Fight, Flight, or Gut You Like A F...by wowthatsalotofdamage
this is a Y/N x Yautja story Y/N was walking home after going to the near by convenience store. What started as a peaceful walk turned into absolute terror as Y/N goes...
The Elders Vampire  by JesseStreeter
The Elders Vampire by Jesse Streeter
Jesse is a 580 year old vampire and she hates every moment of it. She was turned against her will by another vampire named King and she's in the hunt to kill him for wha...
Yautjas Mighty Warrior by PastelBunnyBoo
Yautjas Mighty Warriorby BunnyBooCoo
Her people were taken from their homeworld, used by the humans of Earth to cure themselves. Subject Zero has only known a life of enslavement, she has never tasted fresh...
The Woods by HoneyBee2704
The Woodsby ✼ 𝐵𝑒𝑒 ❁
A young badblood goes into a humans house when they finally meet he is taken aback by her. He eventually falls in love with her.
Extraterrestrial Love || Optimus Prime x Male! Yautja! Reader by OnyxGigi
Extraterrestrial Love || Optimus P...by Onyx
⚠️STORY BEING RE-WRITTEN⚠️ A Optimus Prime x Predator! Reader fanfic, which takes place starting from TF1 to TF5! -------- Book Title was previously named "I Fight...
Beyond Normal by Dlieu24
Beyond Normalby Missinde
Daisy's life was going pretty well for a plus size model. That was until she, along with other women who met the 'criteria', were taken and told that they would have to...
Jason vs The Predator by GOJIRAFAN9001
Jason vs The Predatorby Colossus the Storyteller
Johnathon Maxwell Schaefer had a tough life. His father a deadbeat, grandfather is a center of an alien conspiracy, and he never fits in at school. However, after winnin...
Hanging on ( On Hold) by Fallens_Lover94
Hanging on ( On Hold)by Fallens_Lover94
The day she found a yautja is the day everything changed
Not An Average Lady ( Yautja x Plus Size Reader ) by Yautja-Queen
Not An Average Lady ( Yautja x Plu...by Yautja Queen
Yautja x Reader, A plus size one at that ;D I don't see a lot of Yautja x reader completed stories so here's my take maybe I'll actually be able to finish what I'm abo...
The Huntress of Arcadia by TimmyShadowKing
The Huntress of Arcadiaby Tim Gibbons
Inspired from DarkDecades version of RWBY. (Been updated) This story tells of a young woman who's going through some heavy ordeals, manly her PTSD from fighting in an of...
The Predator and the Huntress by AutoConGirl0207
The Predator and the Huntressby Aka SolarPhoenix0207
Disclaimer: I don't own Alien vs Predator. Bakuub never expected that his hunting trip on Earth would be very eventful, but a meeting with a human huntress changed his e...
Humanity's Last Song by SkadiGemini
Humanity's Last Songby Skadi Gemini
Star is the last human on Earth. She fights to survive every day on a planet that's slowly killing her. When a creature from the stars appears one day, her future change...
The Mother Of A Queen Alien by xeroxtarx
The Mother Of A Queen Alienby Tired.Bean
Hi I'm (y/n) and I'm the mother of a Queen Alien. Yeah weird, survived the birthing process, painful might I add, and protected her until she was fully grown. This is my...
The silence Bounty hunter  by Minniejo8
The silence Bounty hunter by Princes do"ga
Re-editing stand by note: i'm am going to publish a new page each week hopefully and this is NOT a yautja x reader
Two different worlds by SheWolfsp
Two different worldsby Sterling
Its of a yautja who fell for a woman with many secrets, it's drama, love, comidie, action. its also my first time doing a story like this so bare with me. Also I don't o...
Yautja Language Book by AshweeKins
Yautja Language Bookby Ash.mp4.
This is a book of Yautja Words that I know of. It's in case you don't know any of the words I use. Hope you like it and find it useful.