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Alien vs. Predator (x reader) by secularpoet
Alien vs. Predator (x reader)by J.R. Walton
You are the youngest of the crew to be invited but are also the brightest, especially for your age. Your area of expertise stems from various positions. A prodigy, one c...
Survival  by Arainafanficreader
Survival by Arainafanficreader
Lilly was a normal woman she worked at a daycare and was an ex-marine. She wasn't married or in a relationship. But what happens one day when she was walking home and he...
Female Alien OC x Predators  by Loveedmodo
Female Alien OC x Predators by Debra Marshall
------ Your planet and people were destroyed by your solar system's star suddenly becoming unstable and exploding. You managed to escape and flee to another solar system...
Another World :Yautja x Oc Lemon by MsChomperTheChomp
Another World :Yautja x Oc Lemonby AceMadonna
Malin Jane is sent alongside a military force to study a captured creature some call "The Predator". As she is studying the alien being, she is met with terro...
Twilight Hunting Grounds  by ArkScorpion669
Twilight Hunting Grounds by ArkScorpion669
YN LN is Elite yautja hunter and being highly skilled also being the first human to become a yautja hunter but he's true name is YN Hale he is the son of Rosalie hale tw...
The Elders Vampire  by JesseStreeter
The Elders Vampire by Jesse Streeter
Jesse is a 580 year old vampire and she hates every moment of it. She was turned against her will by another vampire named King and she's in the hunt to kill him for wha...
Humanity's Last Song by SkadiGemini
Humanity's Last Songby Skadi Gemini
Star is the last human on Earth. She fights to survive every day on a planet that's slowly killing her. When a creature from the stars appears one day, her future change...
Predator warrior (yautja Harem x male Shapeshifting reader by hillpupils
Predator warrior (yautja Harem x m...by Robot Cupcake cat 61
You can into monster, alien, dragon and robot. But somewhere in space had there eyes on you, and wanted you to be there's more then anything (This was based and inspired...
Yautjas Mighty Warrior by PastelBunnyBoo
Yautjas Mighty Warriorby BunnyBooCoo
Her people were taken from their homeworld, used by the humans of Earth to cure themselves. Subject Zero has only known a life of enslavement, she has never tasted fresh...
The Test Subject (Yautja) by __Oni__
The Test Subject (Yautja)by Oni
A Predator/Yautja from a very young age named Di'seh was curious about planets and what creatures they contain he was never really into hunting for sport and taking skul...
Avp : The Albino Xenomorph  by SkylarKeeney
Avp : The Albino Xenomorph by Skye Vixen 💞
What if there was an albino Xenomorph that has a good side for both Humans and Yautja ? What if she fell for a certain Young Blood ?
From a Ooman to a Yautja | Complete by MightyDragonsfire
From a Ooman to a Yautja | Completeby Saretha
Lex was saved by the Yautja tride. What will happen when she starts to understand them? When she starts to fight like them? This is not a Scar x Lex.
Invisible [A Yautja Fanfic] (1) ✓ by xenoX323
Invisible [A Yautja Fanfic] (1) ✓by ⇜ Xeno X ⇝
{ Currently being rewritten } #1 in #yautja (7/23/17) #1 in #predator (8/10/17) "I swear, the creature just, took him!" "How do you know!?" "Cau...
AVPVG by Anime0CC0Manga
AVPVGby Anime0CC0Manga
When The Slayer Of Goblins Meets The Predator Of Aliens~
Legend of the Moon by lady-yautja
Legend of the Moonby lady-yautja
Bhu'ja was outcasted at birth, born an albino and seen as a bad omen the plot of his life thickens as a yautja rises to conquer the other clans in an attempt to enslave...
Eu Estou em by Wolfmem1
Eu Estou emby Black Star Universo
Aviso: nenhuma das imagens músicas ou personagens de predador não são de minha autoria a única coisa que me pertence é essa história
Lady Maul x Male reader, A Star Wars Rebels story by NewDarkLords
Lady Maul x Male reader, A Star Wa...by NewDarkLords
After Mauls death by his old enemy Obi wan you think this is the end of Darth Mauls legacy. But What if Darth Maul had a Sister her name is Lady Maul after her brothers...
The  Prime Yautja by Spiritwolf76
The Prime Yautjaby Griffin
When a mysterious temple on Earth is discovered. The Autobots soon realize that there is something that their human ally did not tell them or her mother. Aliens vs Preda...
Hello, From the Other Side by hunters_m00n
Hello, From the Other Sideby hunters_m00n
Lex reflects back on her experience under the ice in the Pyramid, and remembers the one reason she made it out alive. Set one year after the events that occurred on Bouv...
Mí Mascota . by Chevi13162004
Mí Mascota .by (la-entidad-fanfictera )
los de predadores siempre an sido cazadores por deporte pero no todos se dedican ah cazar algunos se dedican a coleccionar a especímenes hermosos y venderlas como masco...