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Starr Academy: Year One by Katherin3Coitier
Starr Academy: Year Oneby Katherine Coitier
The Starr Academy is one of the most premier and exclusive school in the United States of America. So exclusive that they turned down Paris Hilton when she tried to dema...
Recklessly (Lumity) by Odd_Ginger_Writer
Recklessly (Lumity)by SheaShea
Life isn't easy for Luz or Amity. They've both been abused, been hurt, been traumatized. They've hurt each other multiple times and yet they love each other greatly, str...
Royalty vs Rogues by xXdemolitionloverXx
Royalty vs Roguesby Olga Guevara
Nixon is the Heir to the throne of The Island of Wolves. Nixon believes he would be a better ruler than his father. He completely loathes the idea of Rogues, knowing the...
Everyone's Past Holds The Most Secrets... || Jake x Drew by Skylar_Writes_FanFic
Everyone's Past Holds The Most Skylar_Writes_Fanfiction
This is a mini series. Its inspired by Tocobell321234's one shot. When the music freaks get into a fight with Jake, they say some hurtful things, and kick Jake out of t...
The best year of my life: A lumity school au by ChimKook897
The best year of my life: A Marc
Luz Noceda: The best player in her volleyball team; Unlike her sportsy look, she's just a big adorkable and nerdy weeb! Amity Blight: All A's student; Loves to read and...
Book 2: Im the Queen of the 5 Gangster by ScarletAkiraFiona
Book 2: Im the Queen of the 5 Scarlet
"Bakit ba lagi na lang ako pinag aagawan?." Skylie
Lander one shots💕  TMF by XiaoAdeptiEatsFries
Lander one shots💕 TMFby XiaoAdeptiEatsFries
Wolf baby by briaaaaa99
Wolf babyby briaaaaa99
After a one night stand. Spencer finds herself pregnant and has know idea who all the Father is. She only remembers the sky blue eyes that caught her attention. Spencer...
🌸𝙟𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙨🌸 by Waifuu12
🌸𝙟𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙨🌸by Len❤️
Jake one shots Bottom jake because I barely see it and I love it. Rules are in the rules/request area :)
Comfort  by sweet_candiee
Comfort by Candiee_ee
I was about rounding the corner when I collided with someone again I looked up as luck was not on my side I was meet a pair of hazel eyes which belonged to none other t...
Starr Academy: College Life {Part One} by Katherin3Coitier
Starr Academy: College Life { Katherine Coitier
Hope has finally started college after her summer long adventure with Franklin, her best friend. Now she will discover life outside of Starr Academy and how much more in...
Tmf one shots! by klaushargreeves123
Tmf one shots!by klaushargreeves123
This only contains ships that I like. Lander, Jailey, Saisy, etc. ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO ROSY CLOZY
❤Moments With You❤(🎵The Music Freaks Song Oneshots🎶)  by Clarizzidashpie
❤Moments With You❤(🎵The Music 💜Dashpie🧡
"Roses are red, Violets are blue, Today is the day I will share The Moments With You" *** That was cheesy- anyway- here are some song Music Freaks oneshots f...
Lander nsfw by Zady-kins
Lander nsfwby Zander's asshole
Hey, so in this book it will just contain a bunch of lander Smuts n stuff- pls.domt.kill.meh
Masquerade by TYakuza
Masqueradeby TYakuza
No childhood, no family, no friends. After a rather rough childhood of being a foster child and being moved around the whole country, Luz reaches a new family, a new cit...
The Sirens Of The Sea (a music freaks au) by promisedneverlan2
The Sirens Of The Sea (a music promisedneverlan2
Long fish like tails, beautiful scales, as beautiful as the stars that shimmer across the sky; Everyone knows these creatures by heart. Sirens. But underneath all the be...
Being Cold by IceWolfCream
Being Coldby *•Wølfie•*
This is when Jake gets kicked out of the music club, but after realizing what the music club and The Jomies what they have done. They try to beg Jake's forgiveness, but...
♡ Love's Blind... ♡ || Zander x Jake || RosyClozy || Completed || by Skylar_Writes_FanFic
♡ Love's Blind... ♡ || Zander x Skylar_Writes_Fanfiction
After Jake helped Milly get a page from her diary back, Jake overhears someone talking bad about Zander. Jake stick ups for him, and Zander sees the whole thing. Jake is...
Recklessly In Pain (Book 2) by Odd_Ginger_Writer
Recklessly In Pain (Book 2)by SheaShea
Luz Noceda and Amity Blight have been thrown around and pushed through so much. What they don't know is the big roller coaster they're about to go on. As Luz is finding...
All My Love | Male OC X Five by 01040_Aiden
All My Love | Male OC X Fiveby J. Aiden D.
Five Hargreeves and Zander Macklin were very close with each other throughout their childhood. You could even say inseparable, there isn't any day where one can't be see...