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Falling In Love With My Best Friend // Zanemau Fanfiction by ki_lad
Falling In Love With My Best ᴋɪ ♥
Aphmau is a 24 year old girl in a normal world. She has the perfect life. Two best friends (Katelyn and KC) and a loving boyfriend named Aaron. But one day when she find...
Room Mates!~   {Zane x Aphmau} by sabrina8305
Room Mates!~ {Zane x Aphmau}by 𝚒𝚗𝚊 [she/they]
It takes place in the universe of "My Street" After about a year Aphmau decides to go to the same collage that Katelyn is, not knowing that a few of her friend...
Love Is Blind [At Least In One Eye] (A Zanemau Fan Fic) COMPLETED by NotFromThisDimension
Love Is Blind [At Least In One 👻Yuki~Trashness👻
Zane and Aphmau are both lonely high schoolers. They both go into the woods on a daily basis to get away from reality. But one day, Zane hears Aphmau talking to herself...
Alone (A Zanemau Fanfic) by XxLydiaSenpaixX
Alone (A Zanemau Fanfic)by K y s
Aphmau always knew Zane wasn't born with a black heart.He isn't just a villain...Aphmau knows he is misunderstood, his soul is good, but not everyone can see it yet. (...
The Ro'meave Sister [MCD Fanfic] ✔︎ by vyladsama
The Ro'meave Sister [MCD Fanfic] ✔︎by vyladsama
conceal (v): the act of keeping something a secret, to protect from being known or noticed. Cassie is Vylad's secret twin sister, handed over to Hyria at birth, to prev...
Our Strange Love- A Zanemau Fanfic by insanity608
Our Strange Love- A Zanemau Fanficby Michael Mell
Love is strange. It can develop over a period of time or come out of nowhere. Some love is wanted but never is given. This is a story of two people with forbidden love...
What Is Love || Zanemau AU FF || (Slow Updates) by Blossamond
What Is Love || Zanemau AU FF || ( Träßh
Zane Ro'Meave is a boy who doesn't believe in Love. He finds everything related to love completely false, and inaccurate. In other words, He hates love, as well as anyth...
Seriously? |ZANEMAU!!| by Batgirlwannabe2172
Seriously? |ZANEMAU!!|by FaithyLilac
Aphmau just moved to a new town, which also means.... New school. But who is that boy next door? Aphmau:"He is only a LITTLE cute." Me:"WHAT!?! HE IS MORE...
Accidental Love (A Zanemau Fanfic) by AprilNinja
Accidental Love (A Zanemau Fanfic)by Strange Writer
i wrote this when i was 11 In Phoenix Drop it was a peaceful day. Nothing strange was happening, Aphmau was with Garroth and Laurence while Dante was guarding the gates...
Phoenix Drop High (MCD AU) by sncwydays
Phoenix Drop High (MCD AU)by 🪐✨
When Aphmau and her friends get transferred to a new school, everything changes. Crushes develop and relationships spark. Can Aphmau make it through her junior year of h...
Zane's Regret (Zanemau) by Tiger_Lily0124
Zane's Regret (Zanemau)by That one fangirl
This takes place in Mystreet after the last episode of Season 1. I had help making this by BranchyPie, one of my friends. Go follow her! P.S. Sorry if I don't update oft...
Zane x Aphmau by evergreenelizabeth
Zane x Aphmauby elizabeth
Zane was always alone in High School. He tried to become friends with the Shadow Knights but they always rejected him. Now, someone is finally letting Zane in, Aphmau. {...
Painful Love by _Ariella
Painful Loveby Ariella~
Mystreet gets weirder every day, with some odd stuff happening to Aphmau and Aaron, to Garbage rummaging Gang Leaders, but the weirdest thing of all? Katelyn Starting to...
Zanemau: A True Loves Tale  by Jess_shipper
Zanemau: A True Loves Tale by Jess
It is a normal day, but when Aphmau gets a phone call, will her life be turn upside down and would she have to confront her true feelings. *All art is mind so plz credi...
Gene was Right.. | a Zanemau Fanfic | MyStreet Lover's Lane [COMPLETED] by JackiesFanfics
Gene was Right.. | a Zanemau Jackie
This is based on MyStreet Lovers Lane where Gene lately has been worried about Zane being too close to Aphmau but was he right all along? Has Zane just never realized? W...
MyStreet OneShots by grayskiespurpleeyes
MyStreet OneShotsby grayskiespurpleeyes
~-*. DISCONTINUED .*-~ Just some fluffy one shots of the MyStreet ships. LOTS OF FLUFF NO LEMONS NO SMUT JUST NICE HAPPY FANFIC ...for the most part... ANYWAYS I WILL DO...
Aphmau Lemons (Completed) by MikaMikaMeowMeow
Aphmau Lemons (Completed)by Mika Kento
he he he he he he he he he he -W.A.R.N.I.N.G- This Book Is 100% Troll
Zanemau ~ My Fat Little Nugget by creepypasta_lover100
Zanemau ~ My Fat Little Nuggetby Rainbow <3
A zanemau romantic/comedy story about Aphmau and Zane This story is about Aphmau and Zane a fanfiction that I've always wanted to write and maybe I'll write more fanfic...
Zanemau  by donutellalover
Zanemau by It's a day my dudes
A kawaii love story between two main characters in Aphmau's mystreet. But something happens that switches the tables
Zanemau: The Crush (CANCELED) by Entity30311
Zanemau: The Crush (CANCELED)by GhostofEntity303
Ok, so just to let you know, this takes place in Phoniex Drop High and Aphmau and Zane became friends in the first year of high school, along with Garroth, Laurence, KC...