Zombiebts Stories

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BLOODSHOT || BTS ✔ by btspaprika
'A minute ago, he seemed to be dead, but now he was not. His whole body was shaking, he was twitching. His jaw looked dislocated and wide open, showing his bloodstained...
bts zombie apocalypse (younger reader)  by bananacat12
bts zombie apocalypse (younger rea...by 👾👾👾
y/n is a 14 year old girl who finds herself in a zombie apocalypse. she meets friends (bts) along the way and they have to work together to survive, escape the zombies a...
The World Over Day [BTS Zombie Au] by NiftyLittleMe
The World Over Day [BTS Zombie Au]by Jimin Is A Kawaii Potato!
"How did we get into this mess?!" I asked as my eyes filled with tears. They hugged me, they know how it feels to lose someone, they knew how it felt to lose...
Alive K.Namjoon Zombie AU by Zandra996
Alive K.Namjoon Zombie AUby Zan
"We're still human...I think that's enough" "What? " He looked at her. Not believing what he heard. "Do you really believe that we'll survive...