on october 3rd he asked me what day it was


i told him…it’s october 3rd 


tsitp 2 hot takes (SPOILERS)
          1- jeremiah looks so unbelievably fine like wtf wow is all i can say
          2- don’t get mad conrad looking a little rough this season no shade lol
          3- love belly but she’s a little bit of the problem (a lot)
          4- conrad’s singing? wtf was that i literally cried from laughter rip to a real one tho
          5- wasn’t feeling taylor and steven now i kinda am
          6- no shade but jenny could’ve kept skye in the drafts (respectfully)
          7- we need to get them some group therapy asap


@-TROPICXS } Shayla deserved better and I feel like Steven should have someone way better than her..


i miss my girl shayla i feel like skye was definitely unnecessary