A human with problems... Just like all of us... That's a great start to a bio! Hello! My name is-, What? I'm not allowed to share that info? Cuz someone might kidnap me? This isn't Gotham, mother! Then I guess you can call me by my nickname, I'm-... What!? I cant share that either?! Mother, no one ever reads this shi-! I guess you guys can call me Reaper then, it's a superhero name I came up with my BFF @CT-5445 . Yes, Reaper as in Grim Reaper... It's not my fault I love that floating death machine! He's so cool! And he has a scythe, a bloody scythe!
Moving on, I'm very new to the writing industry, @CT-5445 introduced me to it last year and I'm just now really getting into it. So IF yo- wait let me rephrase that, WHEN you see bad English, that's why.
I should share with them what I like? That's probably a good idea. I LOVE DC! Every hero, villain, sidekick, and character. Well, except for Penguin... I hate him! I don't know why, but he just gives me the creeps. Oh, and that laugh of his in Batman: The Animated Series, that's a whole other story. What? I'm exaggerating? Yeah, probably. And, yes, I did watch that TV show; even though it's like 20 years old. It's a classic, alright? [Update:] I don't hate Penguin that much anymore, Gotham made him really cool, so now I like everything DC!
I also like Marvel! I'm still very new... And I'm too intimidated by the super fans, I do love Ms. Marvel though. That girl is the perfect embodiment of awesome and inspiring! She gives such good vibes. I also like Deadpool, he's great! And I recently just finished the last season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I LOVED it!
I also love Butch Hartman, that guy's work is amazing! If you've never watched his shows, I have but one question for you... HOW COULD YOU WASTE YOUR LIFE?! I'll calm down now.
I also really like Sherlock, AOT, The Incredibles (I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE SECOND ONE!) and Markiplier and JSE!!
Well... that's it, folks! A summary of me, that's 2000 letters already?! Wowie!!
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