- Say who you want to talk to or you will be ignored
- Read the bios before you pm
- We don't start scenes so please start a scene it would really help
- If the conversation is boring or the scene is boring then we won't reply, so please be interesting because we hate to turn down roleplays
- We only talk to other roleplay accounts
- Talk to BOTH genders please
- Drama is allowed just don't kill off my anons
- We do NOT double roleplay
- You don't have to ask if we want to roleplay, you can just start a scene and that will be fine, but if you do ask first that is also okay
- If you're in a relationship with an anon on this account and don't reply within 3 days without a warning before or a reasonable explanation then it's over
- There's only one Ooa so be patient, and I'll get to you as soon as I can, and please don't spam
- If there are any questions that you need to be answered please ask the Ooa, and I'll help with anything you're confused or needs help on.
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