Hi everyone! I have been around trying to get my writing going for the last months, but I have once again hit a writer’s block, work also makes it hard and I cannot find inspiration…
          	I have been thinking about writing  something different, as I might need to change air a bit, do a character study maybe for zb1’s hanbin and Zhang hao along with the group as I intend to start writing this ship as well, but I’m not sure if I’ll do a one shot thing or a short story, I actually have no ideas just a feeling that it would be the right thing to get me off of this writer’s block and back to the active writing to get all the stories I promised out there sometime, along with the new ideas and ships…
          	Thank you so much for the insane amount of love my current published stories have been receiving for the last months even when I’m barely here and I hope you all keep loving them! 


@8matryoshkas Im a new fan of your books and oh my gosh I LOVE THEM!! Any books you create in the future will be masterpieces! No rush thou, just keep writing when you can and we'll all be here for you!<8


@8matryoshkas can you think about volcano2 (saturnine2)?? your writings are amazing but this one is my favourite and it gives me insane comfort and hope.i have read it atleast 4 times from january. i love your stories<3 :)


@8matryoshkas do what feels best for u! your writings are masterpieces <3


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'A Assassin with a King? Wonder how that would work out.'
          'Why not try it out? Or are you scared?..'
          'I fucking trusted you Lee Minho!'
          'I'm sorry Hannie..'
          |Where Jisung, A Powerful King of Stay- Kingdom bumps into two good looking men with his sister Han Y/n? The those men were the dangerous and hottest twins. The Lee Twins, Lee Minho and Lee Know, What happens when they get together and a roller coaster of drama happens? Well then let's find out..| 
          Chapter one out now! Please Support^^


I'm super shy to promote my writing, but the author's are so good and have inspired me❤️
          Please check out my new Minsung fic.
          Where in: Minho is a wanted criminal on the run. He robs a tiny diner in the middle of nowhere, and one thing leads to another. Minho takes a soft-spoken and shy Jisung as hostage. How does this tragic scary tale lead to attraction? Lust? More over love ?


@sponger12 • read the first chapter and im already in love with your writing style 


That description sounds great! I’ll definitely read it


I found out your page thanks to the bondi minsung book, and I love your stories so much. It isn’t clear to me if you’re active or not, but if you’re reading this, your theme is so cute. I love your writing style and how you express the characters emotions:)


hi! i see you're struggling with writer's block atm, which is completely understandable, so dw! i was going to suggest a different ship if it's okay with you? changjin is one of my favourite ships in skz, and i adore your work and everything i've read from you were masterpieces. a changjin story from you would be a dream come true! i have some background ideas if you're interested in writing a changjin story for stay <33 message me back! (only if you want to you totally don't have to if you're not in the space right now)