Sonic, Freedom Planet and RWBY are taking a break, while two other universes will react.


@ATaylor103 ok, if you know red vs blue, I
          	  I would like you to make them react to that but if it is too long for you, no problem, the second thing would be adventure time


@Maximil95616045 One of them will be the Class 1-A from MHA. It other, you'll find out. All in next month.


@ATaylor103 I hope Transformers will eventually gets a chance and react to their movies and Transformers One Trailer and eventually movie itself when it comes out


          Do you know and watch Danmachi? If you do can you make Danmachi watch Lord of the Rings Trilogy as each of them their own counterparts as Switch characters. 
          Bell Cranel as Aragorn 
          Lili as Frodo 
          Finn as Sam 
          Anya as Pippin 
          Chloe as Merry
          Ryuu as Legolas 
          Gareth as Grimli 
          Riveria as Galadriel 
          Ais as Arwen
          Gandalf as himself
          Saurman as himself 
          Elrond as himself 
          Sauron as himself


Hey can you make a sonic gang watch MHA but switch with Rwby characters. 
          Jaune as Izuku 
          Cardin as Bakugo 
          Whitley as Todorike 
          Ruby as Ochaka 
          Ironwood as aizawan 
          That be good Jaune and Izuku are kinda similar except one wants to live up to his family legacy and the other want to be a Hero like his idol. Jaune is a strategic as well as Izuku as he studies the opponent in a fight and learn fast if he doesn't let his own emotions get in the way. 
          Can you do that please.