So! Moving forward 100 years into the future! Now that time has went on and I've finished school and I've started working in my career things are so much better. I'm currently in a different head space so I decided to pop in and see what you wonderful people have been leaving in my messages and in the comments on my stories. (I get an email every time someone blinks on this app so I had to come back and see what was up.) I've been gone so long I tried to add a chapter to send out this post and everything is blank......... And the app wont let me add new chapters to NOT a single one of my stories. Idk if it's because I havent written anything in ages or if it's more of an app issue. So as far as continuing on with my unfinished stories that's gonna be put on hold until I can figure out how to fix the issue *fingers crossed* 
          	So all in all dont beat me up tooooo much guys. I have like 5 stories I never even published before and I might put something up in the mean time... who knows?
          	I thank you all for your patients
          	-Abby <3


I loved Elora and pretty much all your other books I can keep re reading them, take all the time you need to prepare more good plot twists 


@AbbyTheAmazing Congrats on finishing school!


Excerpt from my new short story:
          "Smile for me, Cherry," he urged with a mix of command and desperation. The woman met his gaze with lifeless eyes, mechanically stretching her lips into a semblance of a smile.
          Frustrated, he insisted on a "proper smile," emphasizing his desperation and command. As her lips widened, the hollowness in her eyes sent a shiver down his spine.
          With a hushed realization, he whispered, "It's like you're dead."

            It's been an exciting journey so far, and I'd love it if you could check it out and be a part of my writing adventure.