Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t updated my stories in a while! 
          	My health had gotten worse which been extremely stressful. I’ve been having PT and been trying to get more strength again. Trying my best to get healthier and in a better state 
          	Thank you everyone for reading my stories and posts! It’s been very heartwarming and makes me want to continue writing when I am able too! 
          	I’ve been working on the next few chapters! 
          	Punch that villain spoiler/ update: 
          	Not all of class 1-a will be forgiven ! 
          	Born Again update: 
          	I’m working on adding a few more chapters to this one too! 


@Able48 how are you doing rn? I hope you're health is getting better. :) 


I hope you'll get well soon! It's such a relief you posted update/message here, your health is more important (´。• ᵕ •。`)	


It’s fine for you to not update for a while. You should prioritize getting better! But we do appreciate you doing your best. You’re going great!